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December 04, 2015
I would express phenomenal upkeep of the premises and and timely maintenance request.
Yvette L.
December 03, 2015
My husband and I have lived here for 2 years. This apartment complex is old with new renovations. The apartment unit above us had a leak in their roof, so when it stormed the water soaked the ceiling, walls and onto our furniture. Maintenence was excellent and quick to respond. However, this apartment complex raises the rent every year and now we are looking at mortgage rates for a one bedroom small apartment.
Jessica F.
December 01, 2015
Its fine
Tyler R.
November 30, 2015
Staff is kind, if you have a pet you always need to make sure you carry doggie bags cause they never get refilled. And parking isn't amazing but you'll eventually find one.
Brandon D.
November 30, 2015
These apartments are beautiful and clean. I always have a place to park. Neighbors are quiet and friendly. My main concerns are the fact that it's christmas time and they will not let you hang decorations or lights on your patio. That's a little ridiculous. If you have issues with the decorations, at least allow them for the month of December. Then order people to remove their stuff. You can't even argue that it's a safety or fire hazard because that's really stretching for an excuse. My other issue is that we pay extra for an upgraded apartment. We have a Kevo and Nest thermostat. Kevo is awesome Nest, however, is unbelievably subpar. It NEVER works. It has issues with wifi, the battery does not stay charged and it starts and stops and never reaches the temperature we would like. We've had our Nest replaced before and it keeps failing. I'd rather just get a standard thermostat that actually works and save the 10 mo. I know this is a NEST issue because I work in an HVAC company and we constantly hear the same complaints about the NEST from clients as well the men who have to install them.
Mary L.
November 20, 2015
Great staff, landscaping service and maintenance personnel. There is someone parking in the NO PARKING spot and it has become a problem carrying my grocery and packages to my home. This person is handicapped and parks 1 2 way in the handicap spot and 1 2 half way in the NO PARKING spot.
Thomas A.
November 17, 2015
Its quiet, enjoyable, and an overall nice complex.
I wish they would have put walk ways in front of every set of apartments. If I were to try and move furniture into or out of my apartment, I would risk hitting a car since there is parking spots in front of my door way. If they could remove an unmarked spot in front of building 38 apartments 551, 552, that would be great. We shouldn't have to walk of the rocks or squeeze between cars just to get to our doors.
And I also wish they would have put peoples parking spaces closer to their actual apartment. I shouldn't need to walk to a different parking lot all together to get to my car, especially when it rains.
Other than those two things, I love this place.
November 09, 2015
I like Montage apartments very muh.
Catherine L.
November 02, 2015
This complex is very decent and reasonable. It is notably aged as it was originally built in the 80's, but it hasn't affected quality. Third Party billing system for utilities is a little questionable as I was told it is a shared cost between all residents, but it's not enough to deter me. Upkeep and landscaping appears excessive as it happens at least twice a week, and can be very smelly with gas-powered leaf blowers, but not enough to question my whole stay. Walls are nice and thick, you wont hear noisy neighboors, unless they are trying to make noise. Neighboor downstairs plays loud gaming, but not enough to disturb us upstairs. Vaulted ceilings on second story rooms are a nice touch. Makes it feel bigger, and more open. I do suggest that the windows be upgraded. They are single-layered, clearly original to the buildings. Condensation builds up very quickly when its cold out, and windows get dripping wet, starting mold growth. All in all, this property is decent enough to convince me to stay on another lease for a year.
Jacob T.
November 01, 2015
If you have to live in Sacramento, this place works.
Erica M.
October 31, 2015
Relative to surrounding neighborhoods, You get a lot from Montage for the price.
Donald P.
October 29, 2015
From day 1 til now every one in the office maintenance included has been amazing, the application process, the move in etc. Maintenance has responded to any open tickets we've had in minimal time, the front desk has been courtesy and on point with every thing. I've never had such a receptive staff willing to assist in the most trivial of questions. I would definitely recommend the Montage apartments a 100 times over to friends and family
James R.
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