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Average Rent in San Francisco, CA

Avg. RentAnnual Change
San Francisco Studio - $2,905-2%
San Francisco 1 Bed - $3,5870%
San Francisco 2 Beds - $4,835-2%

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Rent Houses in Cities Near South Beach

City1 Bed Price2 Beds Price
San Francisco, CA 1.3 miles$3,587$4,835
Oakland, CA 7.1 miles$2,355$2,945
Berkeley, CA 9.1 miles$2,581$3,100
Daly City, CA 6.5 miles$2,443$3,295
Alameda, CA 8.6 miles$3,211$2,615
Fremont, CA 27.7 miles$2,362$2,900
San Leandro, CA 13.8 miles$2,230$2,679
Hayward, CA 19.1 miles$2,225$2,700
Vallejo, CA 23.4 miles$2,135$1,699
San Mateo, CA 15.8 miles$2,897$3,691

Rent Houses in Neighborhoods Near South Beach

Neighborhood1 Bed Price2 Beds Price
South Beach$3,828$5,576
South of Market 0.5 miles$3,602$4,810
Nob Hill 1.1 miles$3,525$4,800
North Beach 1.3 miles---$4,200
Potrero Hill 1.8 miles$3,800$4,000
Russian Hill 1.6 miles$3,395$5,195
Mission Bay 1 miles$3,589$4,477
Fillmore District 2 miles------
Dogpatch 1.7 miles$3,680$5,220