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Last updated 8/11/2022

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Overview of San Jose

California living means driving past lush trees lining long, straight streets under an open sky. Moving into your three-bedroom apartment in Evergreen will give you that and the beautiful mountain terrain that falls within San Jose territory. What's better than a straight drive down a paved road toward one of Mother Nature's most awesome landscapes, leaving the world of manmade structures behind and heading into the great unknown? A backdrop to love

The Golden State boasts areas of various elevations, and living within view of a mountain range is one of the most serene environments that you'll find. Evergreen is located east of San Jose and sits at the foot of a mountain. Here, residential developments transform into scenic twisting roads. The setting provides a marriage of laid back suburban living with the organic shapes of a mountain. The visual contrast of the rigid lines of buildings and the natural curves of the mountain is a humbling reminder of how fantastic and powerful Mother Nature can be. 

A drive through the long and straight streets of Evergreen's residential areas is a great way to enjoy Californian life. But driving toward the mountain gives you another great aspect of living in the Golden State, over winding roads full of rolling hills and vast fields. These roads are the ones that those living in other states envy, and they're right outside your new San Jose three-bedroom apartment.

Stepping outside, you'll be surrounded by carefully tended green lawns complemented by earthy colored roofs. There's no shortage of foliage in your new neighborhood, as most of the trees grow far taller than the houses around them. The generous spacing between the homes ensure that you'll always have a great view of the gorgeous skies. You won't find many neon signs or obnoxious colors here, where the palette is muted and fully embraces Mother Nature's many striking colors. 

Exercise with the earth in mind

You won't have to worry about your carbon footprint when you relocate to your three-bedroom apartment in San Jose. After all, living next to a mountain means taking advantage of its recreational opportunities. Worry not, because the Alum Rock Park sits just north of your new home and offers miles of trails. Whether you're a new or experienced hiker, you'll find that Alum Rock Park will meet your needs, as it boasts trails of varying difficulties. The park also has a Youth Science Center, where kids can take all types of lessons that complement the California State Science Standards.

Prefer exercising on a more lateral plane? That's not a problem, thanks to the pedestrail and bike trails that run right through Evergreen. If you're looking for a fun challenge to take on during the weekends, there are the 4.7-mile long Los Alamitos Creek Trail and the 11-mile Guadalupe River Trail to take on. 

California established the sport of skateboarding, and as a Californian, it's something you and your household members have to embrace. There's no better way to do so than at the Lake Cunningham Regional Skatepark, the largest skate park in the state. If you've never tried the sport, worry not, the facility offers lessons. On the other hand, if you're an experienced rider, you can practice your tricks in the world's largest cradle. 

Additionally, when you move into your San Jose three-bedroom apartment, you can enjoy the environment that inspired skateboarding by visiting the Raging Waters theme park, located across Cunningham Lake. Here, you'll be able to enjoy a number of rides, slides, waves and pools. It's a great place to cool off and wind down on the weekends.

Evergreen offers something for everyone - great views, relaxing drives, wonderful recreational activities and much more. If you're looking for a home that has it all, a three-bedroom apartment in Evergreen is where you need to be.

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