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Overview of San Jose

Living on the coast of California is a spectacular lifestyle that many long for. From the gorgeous water, to the big blue sky, to the warm climate and more, your condo rental in Alviso, located northwest of San Jose will be envy of family members and friends. 

Love the view

A great portion of the Alviso territory covers the waters of San Francisco Bay. The ratio of land to water in your new area means that a gorgeous view is unavoidable. Even if you aren't facing the water to the west, you'll be facing the mountains to the east. That's right, your new condo has not one, but two scenic backdrops. Any stress from long days at work will melt away instantly when you return home, where your windows overlook the reflective waters of the San Francisco Bay or the majestic peaks of the mountain range. 

You'll be surrounded by range of colors when you move into your Alviso condo rental. There's the crisp blue Californian skies, the striking deep blue water, the lush green of a variety of trees, the earthy tones of all the houses and much more. Thanks to this wonderful palette, you'll have plenty of inspiration to draw from when you decorate your new home. You'll be able to find plenty of coastal decorations that will help highlight your new location.

Have plenty to do

You'll have lots of water-based activities to take up when you live along the San Francisco Bay. The Alviso Marina County Park covers almost 19 waterfront acres and allows access from its salt marshes straight into the open waters of the Bay. Additionally, there are a number of walking paths and biking trails that will position you between the water and the mountain range, offering you a great weekend getaway that boasts some of the most beautiful features that California has to offer.

Additionally, at your new San Jose condo, you'll be able to enjoy a nice relaxing day at the park, where you can take advantage of picnic grounds or take up bird watching. The leisurely activities offered by the park will melt all your stress away. 

Alviso Park is also the gateway to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, a 30,000 acre expanse, where you can go boating, take up environmental education classes, go waterfowl hunting, fishing, view wildlife and take photography. These activities are carefully regulated, so be sure to follow the rules to help maintain the refuge, which boasts migratory birds, numerous plant types, endangered species and other wildlife.

For a truly unique day, gather a group of friends and head to the northern border of Alviso. There lies historic Drawbridge, the only ghost town in the Bay Area. After a trip to this site, you may not mind congestion as much. 

Keeping up with your exercise regimen has never been so easy. Just outside Alviso lies Sunnyvale Baylands Park, where you can hop onto the Bay Trail, which runs from Sunnyvale to Mountain View and offers intermittent views of both San Francisco and San Pablo bays. These breathtaking scenes will be reason enough for you to keep running! Additionally, this location offers an amphitheater and various picnic sites.

To take full advantage of California's waterfront, the Alviso condos for rent are the prime location to live. Not only will you be right on the water, you'll also enjoy the spectacular view of the mountain range. It's a great place for weekend activities where you'll be able to appreciate California's unique landscapes and wildlife.

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