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Local Reviews

The unique thing about the neighborhood is the lack of racial and national diversity. That is a bad thing. There are a couple of nice cafes within walking distance. I don't do too much with family and friends in the neighborhood.

What is unique about my neighborhood is the amount of families that live here. I love the fact that the area i live in I'm close to groceries, shopping, and entertainment. Favorite restaurants with friends and family are Din Tai Fung, R101 Ramen, Eden on Brand.

Nearby markets. Convenient shops, clean streets and goods neighbors safe neighborhood. Good schools.

I like how its within walking distance of various shops, schools, parks, libraries, restaurants, etc. I go to McDonald's in that area because I've always went there as a kid. I like to go shopping with my mom.

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CityStudio Avg RentAnnual Change
Culver City$3,506+1%
Laguna Beach$2,850+43%
Lake Forest$2,819-4%
Santa Monica$2,719-1%
West Hollywood$2,712+3%
Marina Del Rey$2,419-1%
Rancho Cucamonga$2,240+9%
Huntington Beach$2,187+4%
Los Angeles$2,180-9%
Costa Mesa$2,170+3%
North Hollywood$2,095-6%
Beverly Hills$1,725-21%
Long Beach$1,720-49%
City1 Bed Avg RentAnnual Change
Santa Monica$3,495-2%
West Hollywood$3,277-10%
Laguna Beach$3,195-3%
Beverly Hills$3,190+16%
Marina Del Rey$3,071-6%
Lake Forest$2,852+16%
Los Angeles$2,653-8%
Costa Mesa$2,600+3%
Huntington Beach$2,4340%
West Los Angeles$2,400--
North Hollywood$2,361-7%
Rancho Cucamonga$2,342+13%
Long Beach$2,307-32%
City2 Beds Avg RentAnnual Change
Laguna Beach$5,500-4%
Culver City$4,732+11%
Marina Del Rey$4,057-2%
Santa Monica$4,040-21%
Beverly Hills$3,998-26%
Los Angeles$3,737-4%
Lake Forest$3,725+17%
West Hollywood$3,710-33%
Costa Mesa$3,422+11%
Long Beach$3,117-32%
Rancho Cucamonga$3,0070%
Huntington Beach$2,9390%
North Hollywood$2,932-3%


Transportation Scores

Percentage: 3131

Walk Score®

Percentage: 4040

Bike Score®

Area Amenities

Top Score

Pet Services

1/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Pets may want to go elsewhere for their fur-ever home.

  1. Few pet facilities per resident
  2. 88% fewer pet facilities than average
  3. Significantly more pet facilities than areas of a similar size

Fine Arts

1/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Pretty sketchy when it comes to fine art.

  1. Few fine art centers per resident
  2. 75% fewer fine art centers than average
  3. Significantly more fine art centers than areas of a similar size

Gas Stations

1/5 stars based on undefined reviews

The gas stations here are few and far between.

  1. Few gas stations per resident
  2. 75% fewer gas stations than average
  3. Significantly more gas stations than areas of a similar size


0.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

We have a hunch you'll have a hard time finding lunch.

  1. Few restaurants per resident
  2. 100% fewer restaurants than average
  3. 100% fewer restaurants than areas of a similar size


Top Schools in Taft Law School

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