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Tehachapi 2 Beds - $1,575-

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Tehachapi, CA

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If you're trying to find the best neighborhood that meets your needs, checkout our Tehachapi neighborhood guides. These guides walk you though what its like to live in these neighborhoods

Rent Houses in Cities Near Tehachapi

City1 Bed Price2 Beds Price
Rosamond, CA 24.6 miles$1,650$1,300
California City, CA 26.2 miles---$1,475
Mojave, CA 16.5 miles------
Arvin, CA 22.1 miles------
Lamont, CA 27.7 miles------
Golden Hills, CA 2.4 miles------
Bear Valley Springs, CA 10.3 miles------
Stallion Springs, CA 11.3 miles------
Caliente, CA 14.9 miles------
Keene, CA 9 miles------