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Overview of Woodland Hills

Whether you're single or a couple who doesn't need much space, you can find studio apartments for rent in Woodland Hills that meet your needs. This location gives you easy access to the 101 and 27 freeways, which can take you to the Summit Valley Edmund D. Edelman Park. If you love to have a relaxing day out on the golf course, the Calabasas Country Club is just a few miles west on the 101 freeway. If you're looking for a course closer to home, the Woodland Hills Country Club is located on Dumetz Road and Canoga Avenue. By using Rent.com, you can find a wide range of studio apartments in Woodland Hills.

Searching for Studio Apartments in Woodland Hills

When you live in Woodland Hills, you'll be near quite a few delicious eateries. Near the 27 and 101 freeways, you can go to Monty's Steakhouse, Bistro Orient and the Dirty Bull Tavern. In the western part of town, you can enjoy the ambiance of the Prohibition era at The Local Peasant. If you're a health fanatic, Juicy Ladies Organic Café & Detox Bar is on Shoup Avenue between Clarendon Street and Ventura Boulevard. Woodland Hills studio apartments are perfect for student living because its near the Valley College of Medical Centers, University of Phoenix and Pierce College.

Studio apartments in Woodland Hills are great for people looking to rent their first apartment and who don't need too much square footage. You can find a studio apartment in this area for anywhere from $895 to $1,180 per month. If you're nervous about moving into your first apartment, you can check out this Rent.com blog post for some helpful moving tips. You'll learn everything from organizing the move to knowing what to look for when you're signing your first lease.

Typical Layout for Studio Apartments in Woodland Hills

When you're moving into a studio apartment, the square footage can vary depending on what part of Woodland Hills you're planning on living in. These apartments can range anywhere from 252 to 510 square feet. The typical layout of one of these studio apartments gives you plenty of room to feel comfortable by having doors that separate the bedroom and living area from a walk-in closet and bathroom. Some of the apartments even have their own balcony with room for you to go outside and enjoy the California air whenever you please.