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About Pet Friendly Apartments

Finding an apartment to move into when you have a pet can be hard. Most often it is very difficult search process to find an apartment building that is pet friendly in the city that you live in.

The primary reason that owners have difficulty locating an apartment building that is pet friendly is due to the concerns of the apartment owners. Often apartment owners are hesitant to classify their apartments as pet friendly because they tend to worry about the damage that can be caused to the apartments, as well as the grounds, by pets.

On the other hand, those apartments that are pet friendly can come with several restrictions, and knowing the nature of these boundaries will be imperative once you find an apartment for you and your pet. For those of you who have cats, you will be welcome in most pet friendly apartment complexes as cats are naturally clean and not high-maintenance animals.

Looking for pet friendly rentals adds a new dimension to your apartment search but with the help of's specialized listings, you can find an apartment that perfect for you and your pet.

Finding Cat Friendly Apartments

As a cat owner, when looking for a new apartment you will need to keep your pet's needs in mind as well as your own. Below are a few tips to help you find the perfect apartment:

Prepare for you move in advance. Give yourself the necessary time to find an apartment that will work for both you and your cat.

Make a note of apartments that allow pets. Don't pick a complex and then try to convince them to accept your cat. Ninety-nine percent of the time "No Pets Allowed" means just that.

When visiting the premises, be prepared with your cat's documentation, such as veterinarian records, or even a cute photo.

Be up front about your cat and its requirements. Lying initially can cause you a lot of hassle later and might even lead to legal proceedings.

Most importantly, upon visiting the apartment premises, get a written agreement from the manager that he or she is able to accommodate your cat on the premises.

Keep the above pointers in mind when looking for an apartment that will suit both you and your cat and you will find a home that provides for all your needs.