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To help you find the perfect apartment, we have listed a few guidelines to ensure that your apartment search will be a productive one:

Select a Neighborhood

Determine what kind of neighborhood you want to live in by asking yourself some specific questions: Do you want to live in apartments that are centrally located and have easy access to entertainment spots and public transportation? Do you prefer neighborhoods away from the city filled with greenery and tranquility? Once you decide on a neighborhood, it is easier to zero in on available cheap apartments that can suit your needs.

Look in the Right Places

The rental rates for properties near highways, freeways, airports, business sectors, and downtown areas are comparatively cheaper than apartments in other parts of cities. You will also find that you have a wider selection of properties to choose from and you will find affordable apartments if you consider these surrounding factors. When visiting these apartments, ask about the age of the building and whether it's been renovated or retrofitted in any way. Older buildings may offer lower rent rates due to the age of the property but may also feature modern soundproof windows and doors in accordance with city ordinances.

Deciding on Cheap Apartments for Rent

Once you compile a list of cheap apartments, don't judge the apartment by its exterior or size. Instead, look for the possibilities in it. You can easily add you own special touches to make it more cozy and inviting by trying a few of these methods:

If your furniture is looking shabby and you can't afford to splurge on a new set, spruce of your old furniture using inexpensive slip covers. Also, add some pillows with bold patterns or bright colors to make it more appealing.

If the apartment is situated near a busy street, one way to reduce the noise level is to use thick curtains or drapes. Choose a material and color that matches your personality but won't overwhelm your space.

If the apartments are in a cramped neighborhood surrounded by other apartment buildings, you might not get much sunlight. To brighten your space, use lighter colors on the walls and furniture that can make your apartment seem larger.

If your apartment is located in a neighborhood that has no parks or green spaces, adding a few indoor and outdoor plants in nooks and corners to give your home a warm feeling. Nurturing plants can be a rewarding hobby and you can even get indoor planters that fit on windowsills. Perhaps you might even start your own mini herb garden!

Even though the apartment might be small, host the occasional informal dinner party. Nothing warms a home better than good company.

The main advantage of staying in cheaper apartments is that you get to save most of your income for other interests, needs, or goals. At Rent.com, we understand that every apartment search is unique. We can help match you with the right apartment. Visit Rent.com today.