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Florida Apartments and Homes


Whether you're a sun worshipper or just want to get a share of the booming economic growth, Florida is a state on the rise that has a lot to appeal to newcomers looking for apartments for rent. One of the fastest-growing states in the Union, Florida has enjoyed almost continuous growth during its history. Whether people come to retire at the end of their careers or are just starting out, this state has plenty to offer.

What to Expect

At 1,350 miles long, Florida has the longest coastline of all states except Alaska. So it's no wonder that tourism is Florida's major source of income. From Disney World to posh resorts, the Everglades to seemingly endless beaches, beautiful and exciting attractions abound.

In addition to those appealing destinations, what draws people to search for apartment rentals in Florida is the fantastic subtropical climate, with its year-round warmth and sunshine. In winter, southern Florida is one of the warmest places on the U.S. mainland, with average January temperatures ranging from 64 to 70 degrees. Keep in mind, though, that the fall often brings hurricanes that flood the area and occasionally cause residents to have to evacuate their apartments.

Where to Explore

The vast majority of the population lives in urban areas, and the remainder lives in small communities in rural areas. Most people reside in towns and cities along the coast or in a corridor stretching between Tampa and Daytona Beach and including Orlando. While Jacksonville, on the northern Atlantic shore, is the state's largest city in population, the state's largest metropolitan area centers on Miami, which is near the southern tip of the state. Tallahassee, in the panhandle, is Florida's capital and is also a good place to look for apartments.

Miami Apartments

It's the "Magic City," home of sophisticated nightlife, luxurious homes and apartments, fabulous restaurants and, of course, miles and miles of beaches. Although Miami is well over 100 years old, it has the fresh aura of a perpetually modern city. It can be pricey to live here though, so prepare to spend more than the national and Florida average on apartments.

Jacksonville Apartments

Jacksonville ("Jax" to locals) is the most important city in northern Florida, with its busy seaport and extensive financial and insurance industries. The city has a population of nearly a million people and is the largest major city by land area in the continental U.S. It also has one of the lowest overall costs of living in Florida, with apartments being more affordable then many other places in the state.

Orlando Apartments

One of the world's premiere travel destinations, Orlando hosts millions of tourists every year, who flock to this Southern city to take advantage of the many theme parks and attractions. But what is it like for the people who live here year-round? While they enjoy the splashy destinations their city has to offer, locals are more likely to enjoy the less touristy attractions like the downtown farmer's market every Saturday, Orlando Philharmonic concerts or pro teams the Orlando Magic and Orlando City FC. Hundreds of apartments are sprinkled throughout Downtown Orlando, near to all the action.

Florida State Map With Cities

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