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Overview of Tampa

Living in the heart of Tampa means enjoying your surroundings, which boast plenty of high-rise buildings. You won't have to be concerned about ever feeling claustrophobic, thanks to the sprawling layout of these skyscrapers. You'll be able to enjoy the ingenuity of man-made structures and enjoy the beautiful open skies at the same time. 

Additionally, you'll love the quick walk to your job. Gone are the days of exhausting early mornings and long monotonous commutes. Now, you'll be able to get to your downtown office in no time. Living this close to work has the additional benefit of not having to worry about train and bus schedules or rush hour. You can take your time preparing breakfast in the morning and not worry when work takes a little longer, since you'll have plenty of time to make dinner and lunch for the next day. In fact, you can even go home for lunch when your Tampa condo is so close by!

Your new neighborhood may be located in an urban jungle, but you can rest easy if you're a fan of nature. Lykes Gaslight Park is a short walk away and you'll be able to relax and enjoy a book with its serene backdrop of lush green lawns and trees. 

As with any urban downtown area, there will be plenty of foot traffic and lively residents. You won't have any trouble embracing the energetic culture that's fueled by city nightlife. There are plenty of locally owned restaurants where you'll be able to visit with friends and coworkers after a day at the office. There's a variety of culinary options that you'll want to explore as soon as you move into your new condo in Downtown Tampa. 

Your out-of-town friends and family members will be happy to visit you, thanks to the nearby Greyhound bus station. You'll have plenty of fun activities to plan for your guests before they arrive when you live in bustling Tampa. 

Never Be Bored

Independent movie buffs will appreciate the proximity to the Tampa Theatre, which features a number of modern and classic films. This great venue is a restored classic theater that architecture fans will love as well. 

Additionally, the Tampa Museum of Art is only an 8-minute walk from your new condo in Downtown Tampa. This location boasts modern and contemporary art, as well as Greek and Roman antiquities and much more in its permanent collection. The museum also hosts a number of traveling exhibitions, so keep an eye out for ones that pique your interest!

Your wonderful condo will need some new furniture and decor. You won't have any problem finding the right pieces to fit with your style when you have access to the Westshore Plaza and the International Plaza. 

If you're looking for more variety in shopping, dining or recreational activities, your new home sits close to major highways, so you'll be able to jump on various interstates and routes that will quickly take you to your destination.

The downtown area is known for its lively nightlife, which you'll be able to participate in after work. There are plenty of bars and pubs where you can wind down with friends. You won't have to worry about rushing, since you live in the area.

For a neighborhood as interesting and full of life as you are, look no further than the condos in Downtown Tampa. 

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