Georgia Apartments and Homes


In 1776, Georgia's population was around 40,000. Today, it's ranked tenth among the states with a population of 8.6 million. Growth isn't the only interesting feature about the Peach State; from ancient mountains to rolling rivers, charming towns to the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia offers plenty of features to attract newcomers on the search for apartment rentals.

What to Expect

Georgia's economy peaked in the 19th century due to its vast cotton and rice plantations fueled by slave labor, which made it one of the wealthiest Southern states. The Civil War and its aftermath were major turning points in the economic and social life of Georgia. The state was devastated during the war, and the abolition of slavery made an enormous impact on the economy. However, in recent decades, manufacturing and service industries have instituted a resurgence in the state's economy, making employment and apartments more plentiful.

The weather is generally mild in much of the state, with hot and humid summers and cool winters, with temperatures only dropping to the 40s and 50s. And as for snow? Snowfall is rare except in the mountains.

Where to Explore

Residents and tourists alike enjoy Georgia's many historical sites and natural attractions throughout the state. Scenic mountains, lakes, rivers and coastal areas provide a wide range of outdoor activities. There are also many historic sites of interest in Georgia, most of them associated with the elegant plantation lifestyle of antebellum days, as well as the Civil War.

Atlanta Apartments

Atlanta, the largest city in the state, is often considered the capital of the South. With a population of 416,000 and rising, the city's growth is matched by rapid economic expansion. "Hotlanta" houses the headquarters of some of the largest and best-known companies in the nation, including Coca-Cola, United Parcel Service, Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Turner Broadcasting System and Delta Air Lines. Tall buildings and busy streets are to be found at Five Points, the city's historic business center. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can still find charming neighborhoods (some even with apartments available), tree-shaded streets and friendly communities. Average apartment rentals cost $931 with utilities at $93, putting it on par with apartments for rent in cities like Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Columbus Apartments

Located 95 miles southwest of Atlanta, Columbus is Georgia's second largest city with 186,000 residents. Fort Benning, a large United States Army infantry base, is nearby, which contributes to Columbus's strong military and patriotic culture. It's 7.4% cheaper to live in Columbus than in Atlanta, a feature that may come in handy when looking for apartments there.

Savannah Apartments

Savannah, with a population of 131,000, was the largest city in Georgia until Atlanta overtook it in the 20th century. A thriving industrial center and seaport, Savannah is the oldest city in the state and has retained much of the culture of its gracious past, retaining its sense of Southern charm and old-fashioned hospitality. World-class restaurants, Civil War forts, art galleries, fine antique shops and other attractions make Savannah a terrific place to call home. From elegant homes in the historic Gardens District to modern apartments for rent close to downtown, housing options are plentiful.

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