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Hawaii Apartments and Homes


Want to live in paradise? Hawaii has plenty to offer its nearly 1.5 million residents, including the famous beauty of its islands and the comfortable year-round climate. Even the products Hawaii exports are luxurious, such as cane sugar, pineapple, flowers, coffee beans, bananas and macadamia nuts. Tourism is one of the state’s biggest industries.

There's more to living in Hawaii than inserting yourself into a real-life picture postcard of paradise; the revitalization of Hawaiian culture is a strong force in the state. The state constitution requires that public schools in the state offer a Hawaiian studies component.

What to Expect

One of the biggest challenges when considering a move to Hawaii is trying to decide what to do with your possessions. In other words, ship or sell? It can often be financially beneficial to sell certain items rather than pay to ship them between apartments; older cars and heavy furniture you don't really like anymore may also fit into this category. But if your possessions are in good condition, it may make sense to ship them, as manufactured goods may be more expensive in Hawaii (remember that the stores there have to pay for shipping, too).

Where to Explore

Each Hawaiian Island offers a distinct personality, pace of life, cost of living and job market. Where you choose to look for apartments depends greatly on the lifestyle you're looking for.


Oahu contains the state capital, Honolulu, as well as the crowded tourist destination of Waikiki Beach. It's the most developed and populated of all the islands, housing most of the state's residents. Most Oahu residents work and live in Honolulu, where plenty of apartment rentals are available near the downtown area. If suburban living appeals to you, look for apartments for rent in the outlying districts of Hawai' Kai, Kailua, Kane'ohe, Kapolei, Waikele or Mililani.


Maui is less populated and developed than Oahu, and it is famous for its pristine beaches and excellent surfing. Major employers include the local government as well as retail and tourism. Condo rentals are plentiful for vacationers, but you may have a slightly harder time finding apartments for rent as a resident. If you're looking for island living and a beautiful place to call home, though, you'll find that Maui fits the bill.

Hawaii (the Big Island)

The Big Island is Hawaii's geographical largest at more than 4,000 square miles (twice the size of all other Hawaiian Islands combined). Rainforests, lava fields and fabulous beaches make this a spectacular place to call home. Most residents are employed in agriculture, retail, government or the tourist industry.


The fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai may prove to be a quieter home than Oahu, but it's still a popular tourist destination and the site of many film productions (picture yourself living in Jurassic Park!).

Hawaii State Map With Cities

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