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Idaho Apartments and Homes


You may already know that Idaho is famous for farming, especially russet potatoes. But did you know that Idaho also offers some of the nation's best skiing and is seeing a rapid growth in the high-tech industry? With all its surprises and advantages, Idaho is fast becoming one of the best states to look for apartments for rent.

What to Expect

Idaho's economy has long been diversified among many different industries. Mining, lumbering, precious metals, gemstones and agriculture are all significant players. Yes, the potato is important; but the state also supplies the country with wheat, apples, corn, barley, sugar beets and hops. Recent years have also seen growth in the high tech industries, concentrated in the metropolitan Boise area.

From hunting to fishing to winter sports, there are abundant attractions to keep visitors flowing into the Gem State and to keep new residents snapping up available apartments. Sun Valley, a popular year-round vacation resort, is a prime example of tourism's rampant development.

Where to Explore

Idaho has two distinctive sections, divided into the northern and southern parts of the state. Northern Idaho is known for its natural beauty, which includes mountains, rivers and lakes. Vineyards and wineries are common here, offering the flavor of a California wine tour with no crowds and a surfeit of breathtaking scenery. Southern Idaho has a mixture of mountains and plains, and is most famous for its spectacular waterfalls.

Boise Apartments

Idaho's capital and the state's largest city, Boise is the hub of commerce, banking and government for the state. The city is also home to Boise State University, the state's largest university with about 20,000 undergraduate students. Where there are college students, there are always plenty of apartment rentals to be found.

Idaho Falls Apartments

Residents of Idaho Falls enjoy the alpine climate, with long and mild summers perfect for all the outdoor activities available in this area. Hiking, fishing, biking and river rafting are among the favorite pastimes here. Come winter, the temperatures drop down near zero and the area experiences plenty of snow, although Idaho Falls' location on the warmer valley floor keeps the snow from presenting major transportation problems.

Twin Falls Apartments

Twin Falls is a small, beautiful city located at the edge of the scenic Snake River Canyon. It's the fourth largest city in Idaho with more than 65,000 people.