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November 24, 2019
Issues with mold and leaking for almost a year now. Im the one constantly having to contact the property manager to get maintenance to come and fix the issue. Improvement between manager and maintenance communication needs to happen. Walls are also super thin - poor insulation and you can also hear everything. They charge for pest control every month but I still have so many insects and now an ant issue. This place is a dump, but it looks nicely renovated....looks are deceiving.
November 14, 2014
The buildings lack adequate insulation. The buildings are poorly maintained. They allowed ice to build up on the roof and the side of the building, so that water from it melting entered my apartment through the wall, ceiling, and floor of the sliding glass door in my bedroom. They refused to do anything about it, allowing mold to begin growing in my apartment. After breaking my lease, they charged illegal fees and sent them to collections, thus harming my credit rating.
January 29, 2014
We have lived here for almost a year, and I'd say our experience has been great. We have had a couple leaks, not anything terrible, but it is an older building. The maintenance people were on top of it. I called, and the next day they were in my apartment fixing the problem. I have no complaints there. The yard is always kept up, and in the winter time everything is plowed within a reasonable time. The only downside, would be storage, and not enough of it. Overall, I love it here!
Melanie H.
January 25, 2014
Timber Creek responded to anything that I needed ,and was very courteous every time
January 23, 2014
Staff is very helpful and courteous
jim e.
January 15, 2014
We had multiple problems with our apartment while we resided at Timber Creek. There is black mold around the sliding doors and in the bathroom due to lack of adequate ventilation. Our air-conditioner was broken four times over the summer, when it was finally fixed, we found exposed wires and drywall remains unfinished. Every time it rains, our roof leaks which leaves the drywall bubbled and cracked and the roof was never properly fixed. Rude management who aren't willing to fix problems with apt
January 14, 2014
the staff and upkeep of the property is vey good but the buildings and applices are old . Its a no nonsense building with few upgrades. When one fire alarm goes off they all do. I mostly have no problems with the laundry room but there are problems from time to time .
January 11, 2014
I feel rent is high for a one bedroom. The kitchen cabinets are outdated. I wish apartments came with a dishwasher. Heat vents do not warm bedroom or bathroom. Bathroom vents do not work properly. Doors and windows are drafty. It is nice having a volleyball court however the sand is terrible, full of garbage and sticks. Weight room is decent.
January 03, 2014
A nice quiet place to live.
jose l.
January 03, 2014
Great location, our unit had a fireplace and balcony, which we loved. Prompt response to maintenance requests and a gorgeous environment. The only downside was the parking - they towed at the drop of a hat, including my disabled mother's car when she was down to visit.
Paul M.
January 03, 2014
I actually lived at Timber Creek in the past with my girlfriend and decided to move back in because my first experience with so great. My second time living here is just as awesome and really the only complaint I would have and it's because I use it very often is that the fitness center equipment is kind of dated and some broken / not working. other than that I love living here
December 27, 2013
Management is not very fast or concerned about some issues, such as mold (they call it mildew) growing around the patio doors; or that the neighbors' stove exhaust fan blows their exhaust into my apartment through my stove exhaust and bathroom exhaust fan, stinking up my apartment every time they turn it on. Washing machines & dryers are always broken, parking is minimal, especially if you get home later at night. If I could afford to move into a better cared for place, I would.
Gina D.
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