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Rental market trends in Bloomington, IN

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Average Rent in Bloomington, IN

Avg. RentAnnual Change
Studio - $1,175+28%
1 Bed - $1,107+19%
2 Beds - $1,286+5%
Last updated 3/26/2023

Average Apartment Cost in Bloomington, IN

The average rent for apartments in Bloomington, IN, is between $1,107 and $1,286 in 2023. For a studio apartment in Bloomington, IN, the average rent is $1,175. When it comes to 1-bedroom apartments, the average rent in Bloomington, IN, is $1,107. For a 2-bedroom apartment, the average rent is $1,286.

Apartment Rent Ranges in Bloomington, IN

Apartment Prices

Neighborhood Apartment Rent Trends in Bloomington, IN

NeighborhoodStudio Avg RentAnnual Change
Downtown Bloomington$1,407+6%
Elm Heights$1,129+33%
Park Ridge East$1,089--
Maple Heights$1,050+14%
Old Northeast$1,0320%
High Point$725--
Cottage Grove$600+4%
Indiana University$560--
Garden Hill$5600%

How Other Cities Compare to Bloomington, IN

CityStudio Avg RentAnnual Change

Bloomington, IN Rent Trends

Neighborhood Information for Bloomington, IN

What are the most affordable neighborhoods in Bloomington, IN?

The most affordable neighborhoods in Bloomington are Indiana University, where the average 1-bedroom apartment rent goes for $520, Garden Hill, where renters pay $635 on average for a 1-bedroom apartment, and Broadview, where the average 1-bedroom apartment rent goes for $695. If you're looking for other great deals, check out the listings in Prospect Hill ($725 for a 1-bedroom apartment) or Cottage Grove ($850 for a 1-bedroom apartment), compared to the $1,107 average for a Bloomington 1-bedroom apartment.