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Pet friendly apartments for rent in Indianapolis, IN

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Overview of Indianapolis

While there are many pet friendly apartments throughout Indianapolis, IN, many of those properties have strict rules that regulate what types of animals are allowed. Some pet friendly apartments only allow cats but not dogs and some have restrictions on the size/weight of the pet.

Pet friendly apartments often have higher deposits than other rental properties. That's because the owner needs to make sure that the deposit will cover the cost of repairing any damage that your pet might cause. When you're signing a lease for a pet friendly apartment, it's important to do a thorough walkthrough of the apartment before moving in to identify existing damage. Take notes and have the landlord sign the document before you sign your lease. That way, they can't hold you responsible for damage caused by someone else's pet.

Finding Pet Friendly Apartments in Indianapolis

Since the definition of "pet friendly" varies from one property to another, it's important to research properties in advance to make sure that the pet friendly property is indeed friendly to the type of pet you own.

Look for apartments for rent that specify whether they are pet friendly. Some may only allow certain types or breeds of animals. If the pet policy is vague, get clarification from the landlord right away. Depending on the apartment complex, you may be able to pay a deposit to keep your pet even if the rental listing doesn't say pets are allowed.