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March 08, 2021
The space for the price seems very adequate. Still waiting for one to open that fits my needs.
September 29, 2020
If you don't have a vehicle, you'd be stuck here and 2cd the maintenance is awful
October 15, 2019
Didn't expect much and was still disappointed. Move in condition was rough to say the least. Dings and holes in the drywall, laminate flooring peeling up in the bathrooms, paint spatters all over the kitchen floor, frayed carpet, cracks in the wall, caulk chipped and peeling in the bathrooms, loose and leaking fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen, A/C filter actually installed backwards, vent hood in kitchen next to useless (smoke alarms went off 3 times the first time I tried to cook a hamburger). All noted on my move in checklist, of which I was sure to get a copy. A few things on my list were addressed but repaired poorly, and most things ignored. The woman in the office I talked to offered the insight that "it costs money to fix things". Renter beware.
January 23, 2019
We lived here for a year and are getting ready to move out. I will start with the positives. The apartments are large and the 2 times we had to call maintenance they were quick to respond. When we first moved in our dishwasher was caked with residue and they replaced it with a new unit immediately. We were lucky to have decent neighbors for the most part. Now for the bad. The apartments are VERY drafty. We can set our heat up very high and it is always cold in the living room. I know it is a draft coming from the sliding glass door. The regulations for animals are not upheld. They say in the lease that no dogs over 25 lbs, and we have seen great danes. Now I love dogs, so the size isn't the issue, it's the fact that people DO NOT pick up after their animals. There is dog poop covering the grass in the back of our apartment, and the dog run is unusable due to the amount of poop. Maintenance just mows over it. Staying on the topic of pets, there are community rabbits, which sound cute, but people put old food out for the rabbits which in turn rots in the grassy areas of the complex. We have had a huge problem with trying to keep our dog away from essential garbage. The parking isn't ideal at all. We have had many issues with finding parking places outside of our complex, as people have parties and their guests take all the spots. The staff isn't the most friendly. If you come for a visit and ask for a tour they act like you are asking them to move mountains. If you catch them on a good day it isn't terrible, but it's almost like an inconvenience for them to talk with anyone. The kitchens are also super small. You can hear EVERYTHING that the people beside you open and close. Any time a closet was open next door we could hear the creaking, or the water turning on and off. They were decent first apartments, and they are a good price. But honestly they are not good for long term housing.
September 03, 2018
The worst place in New Albany you could possibly rent apts. are full of mold and very cold and the manager is as rude as ever and lies on people but it didn't work. Living in a tent in the woods would be better
June 29, 2017
Management was so rude and awful. Never going back there again. The apartments are nice but the staff is so rude. I am so glad I found a better, nicer apartment complex. The staff are so horrible that it's not even worth how nice it could've been. Never again. Biggest mistake ever.
June 09, 2014
So we lived there for a total of 4 months. During this time, I was pregnant. We had to contact the maintenance immediately due to there not being any air conditioning in our apartment and it was already hot in the summer. Then, if you can believe this, HALF of the electric went out in the apartment! We fought with them about blown fuses. We had emailed, written, called and called, even went up there several times. They kept saying it was fine and nothing was wrong with it, but they NEVER came.
samantha g.
January 15, 2014
I had several problems with the air conditioning requiring several visits from maintenance. Instead of fixing the problems, however, they simply "patched" the problem resulting in ongoing problems. The dishwasher broke but was never fixed or replaced. A big reason for choosing Knobs Point was for pool accessibility but it went several years before even being able to be used.
Dawn C.
January 11, 2014
People here are polite but the buildings are drafty and old
December 31, 2013
For the amount of rent charged these apts are very expensive . The apts. and grounds are not properly kept up,there are sidewalks that are unsaf.The apt. That we lived in had a great deal of black mold.A great deal of white paint was used to cover many issues that needed to be addressed. We were not given the apt we were told we were getting.
Cheryl M.
December 27, 2013
Initially I was happy here. How everthings never got taken care of. In the two years I was here the outdoor pool never opened. More and more undesirable people moved in. Lots of drug problems. Police being called often. Became more and more unsafe. Coul not wait for my 2nd year lease to be up
December 24, 2013
The location is good because it is not in the center of town. The maintenance was extremely poor. I had a hole on the back deck that they claimed would be fixed the week i moved in...6 months later when I moved out the hole was still there. The utilities were high because even when the windows were closed you felt a breeze as if they were open. Definitely recomend putting plastic up, which was the first thing I did when I moved in. The employees were really nice.
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