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Iowa Apartments and Homes


The Native Americans who originally inhabited the area that is now Iowa called it "The Beautiful Land." It's a name that still fits with its rolling prairies, rich farmland and gorgeous vistas you may recognize from movies like “Field of Dreams” and “The Bridges of Madison County”. If you're looking for apartment rentals surrounded by quiet beauty and simplier lifestyle, the Buckeye State may be your ideal new home.

What to Expect

Iowa is one of the foremost farming states in the U.S. Corn, soybeans and other crops are grown in the rich soil of its thousands of farms. Although agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, Iowa has also encouraged the manufacturing and service industries.

Where to Explore

Iowa is consistently rated high on lists of the best places to live in the United States. One reason is its consistently low cost of living. Lower costs and easy access to shopping and recreation mean that residents get more for their money.

There are excellent cities all across the state to begin your search for apartments for rent.

Des Moines Apartments

As the state capital, Des Moines retains its charm and history while offering the amenities of a large city. With a population over 200,000, it boasts excellent schools, superb public services and an active and friendly community. A strong emphasis on keeping the city clean and safe make it a truly comfortable home, and active neighborhood associations help make this a welcoming community to look for apartments.

Cedar Rapids Apartments

With a population of more than 130,000, Cedar Rapids is Iowa's second largest city, providing a wide range of diverse activities for residents. Cultural offering include ethnic festivals, art and history museums, theater, authentically preserved or re-created villages from the past, and one of the oldest and most prestigious symphony orchestras west of the Mississippi. It's called the "City of Five Seasons" because residents are encouraged to celebrate a "fifth season" as time to enjoy life.

With about 60,000 residents, Dubuque has been called Iowa's "Masterpiece on the Mississippi," thanks to the scenic beauty of its architecture and location in the limestone bluffs along the river. There's plenty of culture and entertainment as well, from a symphony orchestra and art museum to riverboat gambling and live theater. You'll experience all four seasons in Dubuque, with summer highs in the 70s and 80s and winter lows dipping down below 20 degrees. In Dubuque, the cost of living for everything from apartment rentals to utilities is quite reasonable. This friendly, low-stress area offer the best of natural beauty and smaller city benefits, such as good public transportation, affordable housing, quaint neighborhoods and safe streets.

Iowa State Map With Cities

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