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Wichita, KS

Overview of Wichita

Nicknamed "Cowtown" for its place as a widely known cowboy and cattle drive destination in the late 1800s, Wichita is the largest city in the great state of Kansas. Also known to be a place for aircraft development, the first airplane was built in Wichita in 1917. The city would experience a large population boom during World War II due to its location as a major manufacturing site for airplanes needed for the war efforts.

There's plenty to see and do in the Wichita metro area. The city has more than 30 museums, 30 art galleries and 32 golf courses, just to name a few attractions! All of the local amenities that this area has to offer makes it a great place to look for Wichita apartments for rent. 

Living in Wichita

Living in downtown Wichita is inexpensive and offers lots of options for dining, entertainment and shopping. Wichita apartments for rent average at $629 per month, which is much lower than the national average. 

If you really want to get to know Wichita and its history, check out the Kansas Aviation Museum to learn about the city's history in flight, or go to the Old Town Marketplace for shopping and dining. You'll be sure to find plenty to do here, all at inexpensive prices.

When you're looking for apartments in Wichita, consider choosing neighborhoods like Delano, an older neighborhood with unique galleries and shops, College Hill, which offers a beautiful view of the cityscape and Bel Aire, a great residential area with easy access to schools and shops.

Wichita Apartments and cost of living

One of Wichita's most desirable qualities is that it has a lower cost of living than the national average. Wichita apartments for rent take up about a third of the city, which is a larger number of rental options than those renting in the state of Kansas. In Wichita, almost all amenities are lower in cost than the national average, including most groceries, transportation and healthcare. Simply put, apartments in Wichita are a great deal! The city has everything you could want at much lower costs. The only thing you'll need when moving to Wichita is a car. The city ranks 38 out of 50 in walkability compared to other large cities. In other words, this city is largely car dependent. 

Apartments in Wichita work and study

Wichita is home to Wichita State University, Newman University and Heritage College, among others. Most students in Wichita don't take public transportation to get around, but with money saved on the low costs of Wichita apartments and other amenities, you can spend the extra cash to get to your classes!

Wichita Neighborhood Guides

If you're trying to find the best neighborhood that meets your needs, checkout our Wichita neighborhood guides. These guides walk you though what its like to live in these neighborhoods

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