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Louisiana Apartments and Homes


Mardi Gras. Cajun food. The blues. Louisiana's soul is deep and spicy, with a unique blend of cultures, cuisines and celebrations that bring waves of tourists every year and keep residents tied to this colorful Southern state.

Although it only comes once a year, the celebration of Mardi Gras symbolizes the spirit of Louisiana. When the French brought Mardi Gras to the region, it was just a carnival celebrated the day before Lent. But New Orleans transformed the simple celebration into an extravagant festival, with parades, music, parties, street dances and elaborate costumes. The madness extends beyond New Orleans; other towns throughout the state host their own festive Mardi Gras celebrations. With its rich heritage of Creole, Cajun and French, Louisiana life is spiced up with foods like gumbo, andouille sausage, etouffees, sauce piquantes, cayenne pepper, Tabasco and crawfish. The senses tingle and bodies move to the beat with the sounds of jazz, blues and zydeco.

What to Expect

Louisiana's landscape is as varied as its culture, so you'll probably want to consider the view from the apartments you’re looking at when making your decision about where to live. Marshes and fertile delta lands on the Gulf coast give way to rolling pine hills and prairies inland. The great Mississippi River, slow-moving bayous and picturesque lagoons add to the haunting beauty of this state.

Louisiana enjoys a strong economy as a leader in natural gas, salt, petroleum and sulfur, as well as large crops of sweet potatoes, rice, sugar cane, pecans, soybeans, corn and cotton. Tourism is an important industry as well. New Orleans is the major draw, known particularly for its picturesque French Quarter and the annual Mardi Gras celebration, held in this fun-loving city since 1838. The cost of living in much of the state is below the national average, which makes it a welcome destination for people looking for affordable apartments for rent.

Where to Explore

Baton Rouge is the capital and the second largest city in the state. Other major cities are Shreveport, Lake Charles, Kenner and Lafayette. Every community is rich in tradition and legend, and all have an interesting variety of apartment rentals worth exploring. Plantation tours from Baton Rouge and Natchitoches are popular with residents and visitors, and the Cajun country west of New Orleans is also well worth a visit, most particularly to the area around St. Martinville and Lafayette.

New Orleans Apartments

With a population of nearly 400,000, New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, and undeniably its most famous, thanks to the annual Mardi Gras celebration. New Orleans' history, nightlife and Old World charm make it a magical place to live. From the cobblestone streets of the historic French Quarter, world-class museums and galleries, architecture that ranges from opulent to whimsical, this city has it all. Ambitious programs to renovate abandoned and blighted properties throughout New Orleans mean there is an increase in homes to buy or rent.

Baton Rouge Apartments

From antebellum homes to Zydeco dancing, state capital Baton Rouge is authentic Louisiana down to its core. With more than 200,000 residents, Baton Rouge is Louisiana's second most populous city. Its semi-tropical climate makes it comfortable year round. In the late spring to early fall, the weather is consistently warm. Winters are mild and short. Many consider spring the perfect season, with warm, sunny days and cool nights.

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