Maine Apartments and Homes


Located in the far northeast corner of the nation, Maine is the largest of the New England states and is often ranked high on various publications' lists of the best places to live, largely because of its great scenic beauty. The Pine Tree State, as it's nicknamed, is blanketed with conifer and hardwood trees; in fact, nearly 90% of the state is forested with these majestic trees. In addition to dense forests, this northern state boasts stunning rocky coastlines, picturesque lighthouses and quaint fishing villages in addition to more populated areas with many housing options for those looking for apartment rentals.

What to Expect

Nature lovers and outdoor-sport enthusiasts flock to Maine to make good use of the dozens of ski locations, hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and thousands of miles of rivers and streams filled with salmon, trout and other fish. In addition to endless opportunities for fun in the sun, streams and snow, the state is known for its blueberries, producing almost all the low bush blueberries grown in the United States. Other major products include potatoes, clams and, of course, the much sought after Maine lobster (the state's annual lobster catch is the largest in the country).

Need more reasons to start looking for apartments in Maine? The state enjoys the second lowest violent crime rate in the nation and the fifth lowest overall crime rate. And its primary education system has been ranked number one in the country, which makes it a great home for teachers and families with school-age children. For these reasons and more, Maine is generally considered one of the most livable states in the country. Put it all together, and Maine equals a great place to explore apartments for rent.

Portland Apartments

A picturesque blend of seascape and cityscape, Portland is the largest city in the state as well as its business, financial and retail center. The economy is strong, but traffic on its roadways is pretty much unheard of, even during rush hour. This is a modern, urban city where the residents are friendly and laidback. It's been ranked among the top ten "perfect places to live in America" as well as one of the top places to raise a child. Genlte sea breezes keep the climate comfortable, with summer hitting an average high of 82 and winter falling to the 20s. And despite the stereotype that Maine is chilly and covered with snow year-round, on average only 18 days a year see snow deeper than one inch. The landscape is at its most awe-inspiring in autumn, when spectacular foliage paints the views in red, yellow and orange. Take a look at Portland's revitalized downtown area for interesting apartments for rent. There are plenty of apartments sprinkled throughout Portland, but they don't come cheap; the average price for apartment rentals is $900.

Augusta Apartments

With a population of just 18,500, the capital city of Maine has a close-knit community and plenty of advantages to offer newcomers looking for apartment rentals. Historic buildings, first-rate schools, cultural attractions and scenic beauty are among its many attractions. The city is also home to the University of Maine at Augusta, which 6,000 students attend. As in many college town, there are plenty of apartments to be found, and the prices tend to be lower than in the larger city of Portland.

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