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Pet friendly apartments for rent in Baltimore, MD

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Overview of Baltimore

Pet friendly apartments in Baltimore might have certain restrictions that protect the property owner from paying for damage caused by animals. Before you sign a lease for a pet friendly apartment, make sure you understand the details of the agreement. That way, you can choose an option that suits the needs of your family.

Restrictions for Pet Friendly Apartments in Baltimore, MD

Many landlords have had negative experiences with certain animals living their apartments, so they might have strict restrictions defining what types of pets you can keep. For instance, the pet friendly apartments might not allow dogs over 35 pounds. They might also prevent you from having more than one or two pets at a time. Breaking these rules could mean that you have broken the terms of your lease.

Deposits for Pet Friendly Apartments in Baltimore

Many of the pet friendly apartments in Baltimore will require you to pay an additional deposit. Deposits are intended to protect the landlord from financial loss caused by property damage. If your dog stains the carpet, then your landlord will get to keep a portion of the deposit to pay for cleaning or replacement.

If your pet does not cause any damage, then you should receive your full deposit when you move out of the apartment. It is best to walk through the apartments with your landlord before moving in so that you can make notes of any existing damage. That way, you are not held responsible for damage that your pet didn't cause.

Choosing Pet Friendly Apartments in Baltimore

An online apartment guide makes it easier to focus on pet friendly apartments that are right for you. Since online listings do not have the same space restrictions as printed listings, property owners can explain exactly what types of pets they allow renters to keep.