Massachusetts Apartments and Homes


Although Massachusetts is a relatively small state--only about 190 miles long from east to west--this New England state packs in a lot of great features, including scenic coastlines, fresh-caught seafood, popular major-league sports teams, historic sites, Harvard University...just to name a few. The Bay State is a vibrant area of the nation full of economic opportunity, a rich history, eclectic neighborhoods and interesting apartments for rent worth exploring.

What to Expect

Athough in centuries past Massachusetts was famous for its fishing, shipping and manufacturing, today its economy depends more heavily on the electronics and communications equipment fields. High-tech research and development, finance and trade are also prominent in the state's economy. Because the state is such a popular destination for history buffs and sports fans, the service sector, mainly the tourist industry, is a big employer; more than one third of the state's workers work in the industry.

Favorite pastimes include boating, taking in the historical sites and enjoying the many professional sports teams. Massachusetts has no shortage of pro teams; it is the home of the Boston Red Sox in baseball, the Boston Celtics in basketball, the Boston Bruins in ice hockey, the New England Patriots in football and the New England Revolution in soccer. Residents take these teams and their players very seriously, and it can feel as if the state's morale rests on the local teams' wins and losses.

Where to Explore

Massachusetts, and the Boston-Cambridge area in particular, is known for its extremely high cost of living. The state has an average cost of living that is more than double the national average, which can make it difficult to find affordable apartments for rent. The good news is that the state's booming economy and low unemployment rate mean it's relatively easy to find a well-paying job.

Boston Apartments

t's a big city full of urban delights; it's a small town with friendly citizens. It's Boston, capital of Massachusetts as well as the largest and most influential city in the six-state New England region. Scenically located along the water, the city is a hub of economic activity, communications and transportation for New England. It's a walkable city with numerous picturesque parks; Boston Common is the oldest public park in the country and provides a welcome green space in the heart of this bustling city. The cost of living in Boston is 240% the national average, with apartments ranking 48% more expensive than the national average. The average rent for luxury two-bedroom apartment rentals is $1,900, and the average price for one-bedroom apartments in older buildings is around $1,000. If those prices are too rich for your blood, take a close look at the neighborhoods of Allston, Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, East Boston and Jamaica Plain, where rents have fallen an average of 5% in recent years.

Cambridge Apartments

A true college town, Cambridge is a diverse community of ethnic cultures, students, scholars and visitors from around the world. The city is home to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, the nation's oldest and most prestidigious university. One of the city's most popular areas, Harvard Square, is a favorite of students and other residents for its lively cafes, shops and nightclubs. The average cost of living is 211% of the national average, slightly lower than Boston, but still plenty high. The average rent for one-bedroom apartment rentals is $1,400, two-bedroom apartments go for $1,725, and three-bedroom apartments go for $2,300. For those prices, you'll get to live in a fascinating area full of artists, intellectuals, street musicians and students, and you'll be able to enjoy all the rich attributes the city has to offer.

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