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Overview of Boston

Known around the world as the home of Fenway Park and the Red Sox, Boston offers plenty of three bedroom apartments for those who need more space. Popular with larger families, these units are also great for couples who have a child and want a separate room for use as a guest room, home gym or home office. Turning one room into a home office can help you stay in shape for the annual Boston Marathon, but you will also want to take some time to indulge your inner foodie at restaurants like Island Creek Oyster Bar or the Atlantic Fish Company. If you're a baseball fan and can't get tickets to the next Sox game, grab a seat at The Bleacher Bar, which is a sports bar actually attached to Fenway Park that offers once in a lifetime views of all the action. Are you ready to find the right apartment? With the options available at Rent.com, finding three bedroom apartments for rent in Boston might be easier than you expected.

Searching for Three Bedroom Apartments in Boston

Three bedroom apartments on the outskirts of Boston and in neighboring communities start at less than $1,000, but if you want to live within the city limits, the prices range from $1,500 to $1,800. Prices can climb even higher for rental houses or apartments that have gardens and lawns attached. Three bedroom apartments in Boston are perfect for couples or families who want to rent while they save up money to buy a home, those who like having a landlord or property management company take care of lawn maintenance and repairs, and those who plan on expanding their families.

Though some claim that buying is a better option than renting, there are times when renting is a smarter option than buying. Read through this Rent.com blog to see some great benefits of renting an apartment or home.

Typical Layout for Three Bedroom Apartments in Boston

Three bedroom apartments in Massachusetts often have a simple layout with one long hallway leading from the kitchen and living room to the bathroom and bedrooms, but some apartments may have two floors and have one bedroom on the first floor and the other two on the second floor. You may also find apartments with two bathrooms in addition to multiple bedrooms or apartments with a patio/balcony and a small patch of grass or garden. The average square footage of three bedroom apartments in the city ranges from around 1,100 square feet up to 1,600 square feet.