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July 12, 2018
Beware of the new management. They charge you HUGE amounts when you vacate their apartments:You will get very high water bill for that last month of vacating, that is magical. Some how they will take 2.5 to 3.5 k from you while vacating. So please count this money while comparing with price with other apartments Beware of insurance policy:When I joined Fountainhead, the staff has informed that if I pay 10$, my insurance is covered. Later I realized that this payment wont cover any issuance to us. Its charged as a penalty as you dont have insurance.There is a water flood happen in our apartment (there will be always water flood in this apartment ) and most of my personal items got damaged and when I reported the damages to them, they told that you DONT has insurance. This is unknown to many of the current tenants.TERRIBLE customer service:After water flood, I requested them to arrange accommodation for my family for couple of days as all the rooms of the apartment were ruined by water flood. They dint arrange any accommodation or temporary room. My family including my 2 years old baby was staying in a couch for 3-4 days. They dont know how to talk to tenants, specially new management has no idea about it. Sometime they pretend like Jailer. Once you have a problem with them in the sense, if you questioned them,they will try to trouble you in all the way. I experienced the same. After I questioned them about insurance policies, they started torturing my life by calling me every day saying that my 2 years old baby is making noise in home. Followed by that, they send a 7 day notice to me to leave the apartment. I had a real trouble in my life at that time where I have to move my family in 7 days with my pregnant wife and 2 year old baby.So I wouldn't recommend this apartment for the people who love family and children.If I have an option to give negative rating, I could have done that.
May 02, 2018
Dont move here ,halls smell like puke ,water issues never got hot water and had to pay 100$ a month for water on top of rent ,big big issues. with roaches in apt and in trash receptical up and down the walls crawling on floors and mailboxes ,the office staff walk around as if its nothing ,so disgusting,windows freeze in winter time ,worse of al! they charged me for full carpet change 700$ i cleaned apt and still charged me ,i responded re: bill never rep!ied back to me ,very rude ,there are so many nicer places for same amt of money,please dont give them your money you will regret it just like i did.
December 29, 2017
A horrible place to live. Rude and unprofessional management team. The management team takes pride in a dictatorial-style of talking down to tenants. Delayed, substandard repairs. Stinky and dirty stained carpets on corridors. Outside areas are always dirty with trash flying everywhere. Trash collection-room is inside the buildings making them stench parlors. Serious pest-infestation. Tenants are forced to do laundry elsewhere the washers and dryers within the units are filthy and last worked in 17th century. Heat and AC are shut down by the management and tenants have to endure weeks of sweltering heat until the management deems it right to turn on the AC. Before winter, again tenants are forced to encounter weeks of especially cold nights until the management decides that tenants deserve heating. The management cites full access to our fitness center, resort-style swimming pool in the summer, basketball and tennis courts and on-site laundry care centers, safe community, good schools and easy access to roads, as pros, but the real amenities here are those associated with living in Westborough town. Fountainhead Apartments have zero amenities. The gym room is a small box without adequate air circulation that always smells sweaty because the size can't accommodate everyone who exercises there. With the level of filth around here, I have no reason to believe that the swimming-pool meets hygienic standards. Driving to Westborough Laundromat in cold winter is not fun especially for one who pays $2000/month for a small 2 bed smelly apartment. Tenants' privacy is at the mercy of maintenance crew who can go into tenants homes without any notice whatsoever-zero. They just knock on the door and if no one answers, they open it and do who knows what, while the owners are away and completely oblivious of the events. Talk of an infringement on tenants' privacy and tell me why I should recommend this place to my best enemy. Security-deposit?. Not. Move-out costs.
October 06, 2017
The Management has a simple policy to charge all the renovation and replacement costs on the last tenant who has to move out at around the time when the apartment is up for renovations. They then raise rent by $200-$300 per month for next tenant. Irrespective of how good the shape of the apartment, one would have to pay anywhere between 1-2 months of rent as move out charge. This has happened to all of my neighbors and friends who had moved out in the last 5-6 months including me.
September 22, 2017
STAY AWAY FROM THESE APARTMENTS !!! STAFF IS RUDE AND THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY !!!!Beware of the new management. They charge you huge amounts when you vacate their apartments. I stayed 2 1/2 years and moved on to a different place. They charge huge penalties in the name of apartment cleaning.I had few stains on the carpet which will go away with a power wash but still end up getting 1150 for carpet replacement. When i asked for proof of carpet replacement, Manager is rude and he dont want to show me proof at all. Lot of apartments are empty so they just want more money. I stayed in 3 different apartment comunities nearby and no one charged these huge penalties.
June 28, 2017
Bad response by current management and maintenance. Bad leak every few weeks for the past 3-4 months. No response from management.
November 18, 2014
The maintenance is not good. and since it is centralized heat and AC, we cannot get what we need. Lifts are down for two weeks.
November 12, 2014
DELTA: - OLD Building - VERY OLD interiors - BROKEN Cooling unit (for 3-6 months out of which at least 1-2 months were in peak summer) - Building is not equipped to supply cold OR hot air on resident wish. You are stuck with one kind for a defined duration by management. - Often urgent requests are not addressed urgently GOOD: - Maintenance Services responds quickly to your minor fixes - Good online system to submit your request
January 24, 2014
Large rooms, good laundry, garbage disposal facilities. School bus comes inside the complex. Maintenance calls are serviced promptly. Utilities (water, gas and electricity) included in Rent
Antony T.
December 24, 2013
We moved from another state with a believe that upon reaching we have an apartment ready that our friend had finalized for us and we had provided down payment on it. They gave us another apartment in another building. The one we had chosen was a corner unit but we ended up with a center unit with a huge tree in front. We had to take it because our truck with our stuff was coming in the same day. Hated our stay there!
November 29, 2013
I lived at Fountainhead Apt, Westboro for 4 years. All maintenance service calls were handled quickly. Grounds, swimming pool were well maintenance.
Yousaf S.
November 27, 2013
Bed bugs problem is huge. Although the management has taken every measure to help with the pest control but the emotional stress is big for ppl ppl impacted. Switching off A/C in mid September and turning it on in june is an inconvenience particularly with infants at home.