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Michigan Apartments and Homes


Michigan may have the most straightforward state nickname in the whole country: The Great Lakes State. Michigan features more shoreline than any other state except Alaska, with coastline along four of the Great Lakes: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Erie. Lake Michigan divides the state into two peninsulas: The Upper Peninsula features a densely forested land and is only sparsely populated. The vast majority of the population lives on the Lower Peninsula.

What to Expect

Michigan is well known for its place in the auto industry. Detroit, Dearborn, Flint, Pontiac and Lansing are historic centers of automobile production. But Michigan is more than just cars, other products include nonelectrical machinery, fabricated metal products, primary metals, chemicals and food products.

Residents and visitors alike take great pleasure in the great outdoors of Michigan. With more than 3,200 miles of shoreline, 11,000 inland lakes, 5,600 miles of snowmobile trails, dozens of downhill ski resorts and four national parks, there's more than enough nature to go around. Michigan is at its best in autumn, when the leaves of the state's lush forests explode into shades of red, orange and yellow. As a resident, you'll have the luxury of enjoying the views on driving tours, at fall festivals or at the vineyards nestled in the most scenic areas of the state.

Detroit Apartments

The largest city in the state, Detroit is known as The Motor City for its strong automobile manufacturing history. The city had some financial troubles recently, but it is currently undergoing a renewal of its cultural resources, evidenced in such attractions as the Motown Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts and Detroit Historical Museum. Detroit's inner city has recently started undergoing new investment and renovation as well, making it an especially interesting locale to explore for apartments for rent. Suburbs outside the city are constantly evolving and growing, so there are plenty of housing options there as well.

Grand Rapids Apartments

Consistently ranked as one of the "Best Small Towns in America," the Land of 1,000 Grand Lakes lures newcomers and satisfies residents with its unsurpassed natural beauty. Recreational activities abound; golf, boating, fishing and hiking are all popular pastimes. Residents here also enjoy a strong economy, progressive educational systems, excellent healthcare and a friendly and caring community. It's a great place to find homes or apartments and settle down.

Ann Arbor Apartments

A true college town, Ann Arbor is most famous as the home of the University of Michigan, one of the nation's top-ranked universities. This illustrious school may help explain why Ann Arbor is known as an intellectual and cultural haven, with museums, galleries, live music and historic streets.

Michigan State Map With Cities

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