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Pet friendly apartments for rent in Minneapolis, MN

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Overview of Minneapolis

There are plenty of pet friendly apartments in Minneapolis. Finding those apartments, however, is often challenging when you rely on print apartment listings. An online guide can make it much easier for you to learn about the pet friendly apartments that meet your unique needs.

Minneapolis Pet Friendly Apartments

Many pet friendly apartments have strict rules that regulate what types of animals you can keep. Some dog friendly apartments, for instance, will only allow dogs under 30 pounds. Some might even ban certain breeds. Other pet friendly apartments might allow residents to keep cats, but not dogs. Since the specific details differ so frequently, it is smart to get information that helps you determine whether the apartment is friendly for your type of pet.

Finding Pet Friendly Apartments in Minneapolis

Online apartment guides make it easier to find pet friendly properties because they let you focus on specific attributes. For instance, you can search for a pet friendly apartment that falls within your price range or you can search for an apartment that has a certain number of bedrooms. Some of the listings provide details about what types of animals you can keep on the premises, but some property owners might require you to call them for details.

Paying for Pet Friendly Apartments in Minneapolis

Pet friendly apartments often have higher deposits than other rental properties. That's because the owner needs to make sure that the deposit will cover the cost of repairing any damage that your pet might cause. It's a good idea to do a walkthrough with the landlord before moving in so that you can identify existing damage. Take notes and have the landlord sign the document before you sign your lease. That way, they can't hold you responsible for damage caused by someone else's pet.