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Average Rent in Minneapolis, MN

Avg. RentAnnual Change
Minneapolis Studio - $1,075-2%
Minneapolis 1 Bed - $1,446-4%
Minneapolis 2 Beds - $2,125-3%


Minneapolis, MN

Overview of Minneapolis

With so many house rentals to consider in the Minneapolis area, it makes sense to use a guide that can help you target specific types of rental properties. While some people still use print listings in brochures and newspapers to find house rentals, that method often wastes a lot of time. Online guides, however, can help you focus on listings that matter most to you. That way, you get to save time and money during your search.

Minneapolis House Rentals

There are many types of house rentals in Minneapolis that you might want to consider. The features that you want, however, might depend on how much money you can afford to spend every month. In many cases, a $2,000 per month house will give you more space and amenities than a $600 per month house rental. Of course, real estate prices vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, so you should explore your options to make sure you get the most for your money while living in an area that interests you.

Finding House Rentals in Minneapolis

Online guides make it easy to find homes for rent in Minneapolis because you can have them search for specific types of listings. For instance, you can instruct the guide to give listings for house rentals that fall within a specific price range or rentals that have a certain number of bedrooms. This eliminates listings for rental properties that don't meet your needs and allows you to concentrate on properties that are right for you.

Choosing House Rentals in Minneapolis

An online guide can also help you save money by avoiding house rentals that aren't right for you. Many listings have pictures, floor plans, and reviews that can help you decide whether you want to spend your time and money visiting a property in person. These options allow you to concentrate your hunt to the best options instead of wasting your resources on rental properties that don't even meet your basic needs.

Minneapolis Neighborhood Guides

If you're trying to find the best neighborhood that meets your needs, checkout our Minneapolis neighborhood guides. These guides walk you though what its like to live in these neighborhoods

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