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August 22, 2019 gave me quite a few listings of the area I was looking for. A lot of them had the availability and prices also the amenities. Then there were some that wanted you to submit and email and they would get back with you well that took too long. I found my new home with The Courtyard. The entire experience has been great. I plan on being here for a while but if I was to move again I would definitely use
June 13, 2019
Great place and great community. Sam as the manager has turned things around to make living here extremely enjoyable.
Bridget B.
May 22, 2019
I love this apartment. I live the staff at the renter office.
February 06, 2019
The water is bascially always off..needs to shevel parking lot more on snow dats and put down salt durning snow days.
August 15, 2018
Good place
August 02, 2018
We just needed our shower head fixed & they came & did it very quickly.
June 10, 2018
I was visiting a friend for the weekend who lives here. I parked on a Friday afternoon in the guest parking area with a proper guest parking pass hanging in the mirror. Went out Saturday afternoon to see that my car was gone. Turns out I was one spot away from the guest parking so management towed the car. The lot was more than half empty both times I had seen it, and my friend said he's never seen it full either. But either way, the manager could have looked up his number and let us know that I should move my car eight feet forward. Instead they got it towed without any notice and cost me just over $350. The guest parking has one tiny sign indicating where to park, but has absolutely no clear indication of where exactly it starts and ends. It's so badly defined, it looks like they did it on purpose. The only place you can find where visitor parking starts and ends is in the documents given to the tenants while signing the rental agreement... as if they are expected to show that to anyone they ever invite to visit them. My friend almost got towed himself for having tabs that expired the week before. Management was writing the paperwork for it when he caught them and put a stop to it. First of all, it's illegal in the state of Minnesota to tow a car for having expired tabs unless the tabs are more than 3 months out of date. Secondly, even if that weren't true, it would have been the same amount of work IF NOT LESS for management to simply call him and let him know that he should update his tabs. Are they getting paid off by the towing company, or do they just want to watch the world burn?
May 30, 2018
Great staff and friendly environment.
Cortez S.
May 23, 2018
Prompt Maintenance
May 09, 2018
For my family this is great place to live
Good manager and maintenance team
Friendly environment
Sandra K.
April 09, 2018
My husband and I have been living here for about two weeks and love the apartment so far! It is a pretty good deal and is in a very convenient location. A few frustrations we have had so far is that there is no assigned parking, so we sometimes have to park on the opposite side of the building. Also, utilities are not included and we were not informed of that until as we were signing the move-in documents. However, we are very excited about their pool!
December 20, 2017
Excellent staff, super easy application process. I'm used to renting from smaller companies renting subdivided homes. It's like applying to joint the FBI. These people actually want to rent you a place.
Grant G.
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