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The name Mississippi means "large river" to the Chippewa Indians, and a more appropriate name may have never been coined. The state of Mississippi is named for the great river that forms the state's western boundary and empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Here in the Magnolia State, the charm of the Old South can still be found in its stately antebellum mansions, rolling farmland and especially in the welcoming character of its people.

What to Expect

Cotton was king for a long time in Mississippi before the arrival of the boll weevil in 1907, which devastated the state's cotton crop. Today, though, the state is a leading producer of not only cotton but also other crops like soybeans, as well as manufactured products including upholstered furniture, which the state is the leading producer of in the nation.

Unlike the rapid urban expansion that many states have experienced, Mississippi remains a land of mainly small towns scattered among the farmlands and hills. In fact, about 40% of Mississippi is home to about 42,000 farms. Mississippi's coast and inland rivers and lakes provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, including fishing, swimming and boating. Hunting is another popular activity, and football is generally considered the state's favorite sport.

Mississippi has a typical Southern climate with warm, humid temperatures throughout the year. Summer is long and reaches into the 80s. Winters are short and don't get much colder than the 40s. Mississippi has a favorable cost of living at 3% below the national average. If you're in the market for apartment rentals, and those looking for apartments in this southern state will be happy to note that housing costs are even better at 12% below the national average.

Jackson Apartments

A small town at heart, Jackson is the biggest city in the state with a population of 184,000. The residents here are true Southerners and are proud of their famed hospitality and quality of life. A strong sense of community lends support to cultural endeavors like the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, Mississippi Opera, numerous museums and other venues. Urban amenities are available in the form of gourmet dining, exciting nightlife and multiethnic cuisines. The cost of living makes moving here easy, whether you're looking at houses or apartments. The average home costs $75,000-$85,000, while average apartments for rent go for $400 per month.

Biloxi Apartments

One of the fastest-growing cities in America, Biloxi has a reputation for being welcoming to newcomers. It's no surprise that people want to move here; the city's prime location on the Gulf of Mexico, its mild year-round climate and diverse cultural heritage combine to make this a wonderful city to call home. A recent study on apartments for rent found more good news: There are more than 4,800 apartment rentals available in Biloxi, with average two-bedroom apartments renting for only $500 per month.

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