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Overview of Kansas City

When you move into downtown Kansas City, you'll be able to enjoy the lively atmosphere of living in a metropolitan area. You'll be surrounded by other professionals during the week, and on weekends, residents of the surrounding areas will be making their way into your location for some fun. This gives you the perfect work environment Monday through Friday, and the motivation to head out on weekends. A lack of work-life balance will be a thing of the past when you live in a condo in downtown. 

Enjoy the summer

Downtown really is the heart of Kansas City and hosts many major events, from concerts to sports. There are a number of festivals, too. There's Kansas City's premiere arts festival, the KC Fringe Festival, which is held during the summer and takes place all over the area. You'll want to keep on eye on the schedule and plan your trips accordingly. Be sure to pull on comfortable shoes because you'll have some walking to do. But the exercise will all be worth it when you glance at the myriad performances you can attend, from photography exhibitions, to ballet to live music. You'll be glad you live in downtown during this huge celebration right outside your door. It's a great opportunity to meet neighbors and rack up some serious numbers on the pedometer.

Festivals are especially popular during the summer, thanks to the hot sun and the great weather. Getting your vitamin D won't be an issue when there are so many events to attend. It's the perfect time to invite family members and friends from out of town over. They'll soon be envious of your new Kansas City condo and all its activities.

Have fun year-round

For many areas, the end of summer ushers in a quieter season, where there's less to do and more reason to stay in the home. That doesn't happen in Kansas City. The festivals continue well into the fall and range from the American Royal Parade, where you'll be able to display your patriotism alongside your fellow residents, to the KC Juggling and Yo-Yo Festival. 

The fun isn't limited to annual celebrations. There are plenty of other venues you'll visit frequently, such as those in the Power and Light District. Here, you'll find Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar where you can wind down after a long day at work and admire the skills of musicians. You and your buddies will wind up in this bustling area of town night after night, with its plethora of bars, restaurants, and shops. Chances are, you'll be here on the weekends as well, furnishing your new home.

Find friends easily

You'll never feel out of place in downtown Kansas City, which is home to many young professionals. Regardless of your interests or line of work, you'll find like-minded individuals everywhere, thanks to the wide range of venues and activities in Kansas City. Whether you shop at the Garment District, visit the Arabia Steamboat Museum or pick up groceries at the farmer's market, you'll meet your friendly neighbors in no time.

The condos in downtown Kansas City are the premiere location for young professionals looking for lively entertainment and neighbors who understand and embrace their young professional lifestyles.