Best. Moving Day. Ever. ChecklistWe will get in to details later, but for now here is a rapid fire, down and dirty, top ten and done checklist for the best move ever.

  1. Get a Game Plan

    Start planning your move as soon as you can. There is a lot on your plate and you will get through this if you can knock off a chore or two every day. This isn't school, don't think you can inhale a 2 liter bottle of soda and a bag of Doritos the night before and pull this off. Sketch out a quick plan or let us do the heavy lifting with the Best. Moving Day. Ever. Checklist.

  2. Go Pro

    If you choose to hire some help, use professional movers. Or there's that guy who owns a van down the street. It's up to you but at the moving center, you can get free quotes from licensed and insured movers to see the best option for your budget.

  3. Keep the Lights Burning

    It can take three to four weeks' notice to get an installer to your new place, especially on a weekend. Make sure you get on this right away or you might be navigating your new place by the glow of a flashlight app. Speaking of which, did you see if you get a cell signal in your new place? If you live in a dead zone, providers may hook you up with a home antenna for free.

  4. Don't Skimp

    If you go big on supplies you won't have to waste time with a last minute shopping trip. Get about 25% more than you think you need and double up on tape. Trust us; many packing adventures could be entitled "The Quest for the Lost Tape Roll." Or scissors. Or marking pens.

    Unused items, even boxes, can be returned at most packing stores. Consider buying or renting stackable plastic storage tubs which are great for keeping low-use items out of the way. But if you want to spend your pre-move weekends dumpster diving for boxes, that's fine too. No judgments.

  5. Pack It So You Can Stack It and Track It

    Try to keep every packed box to less than 30 pounds, then stack heaviest on the bottom and lightest on the top. Four out of five scientists agree that ignoring this weight rule can lead to gravity messing up your day.

    Label each box by room and general contents. You don't need to get carried away with the explicit details, unless you want to advertise your crystal dragon collection. Labeling your boxes will also cut down on pesky "Where does this go?" type questions but, strangely enough, only by about 50%. Mostly, it will help you locate key items in a pinch, like when the delivery guy arrives without plastic utensils on your first night.

  6. Visit the Dark Side of the Closet.

    Way in the back, next to the poems you wrote during your hipster phase, there are flip-phones, a slew of chargers that plug in to nothing and retro clothes you bought when they were new. Lighten your load, fill up a few boxes for a worthy cause and take a tax write-off. Bet you wish it was this easy to get rid of your hipster-phase tattoo.

  7. Keep Your Valuables Close. Keep Your Toiletries Closer.

    You have a lot going on, let's not forget the important stuff. Make sure hard-to-replace items like valuables, birth certificates and the moving services contract are packed in a box that you keep with you. Also, make a toiletries box, because after you move, we think it would be nice if you showered. Do it for us.

  8. Bookmark Your Favorites

    Box up your current bedside reading, morning coffee mug, or favorite PJ's to make you feel at home while transitioning. Do the same for your kids and pets... uh... meaning make them a special package. Don't box them up, that would be wrong.

  9. Go on Vacation

    Not really, (sorry). But you can pretend you are going on a 3-day vacation by packing up a suitcase of everything you will need while you are sorting through an apartment filled with cardboard box sculptures. Include swim suit and cocktail umbrellas to give that Cabo feel. Ole!

  10. Explore Your Neighborhood

    Home isn't just about unpacking your things, it's the neighborhood you live in. Don't forget to take a break from unpacking and follow these easy steps on getting to know your neighborhood.