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Many writers and artists have been drawn to New Hampshire and inspired by its serenity and scenic beauty. The most famous of these artists may be Robert Frost, who once said that there was not one of his poems .but has something in it of New Hampshire.. But it isn.t only artists who appreciate all that this New England state has to offer. Nature lovers will appreciate the scenic mountains, lakes and Atlantic shore, while the politically minded will enjoy being the first to vote in the nation's presidential primaries. The Granite State has something to offer just about everyone.

What to Expect

New Hampshire earned its nickname, the Granite State, thanks to the large deposits of stone used for building starting in pre-colonial times. Today, mineral production has been eclipsed by other industries, of which tourism is the leader. Visitors come to enjoy Lake Winnipesaukee, White Mountain National Forest and the 18-mile curving Atlantic shoreline. In winter, skiing is the pastime of choice in the north.

New Hampshire is not for those who don't like extreme weather shifts. Residents here enjoy four distinct seasons, with generous amounts of sun, rain and snow. Summers are pleasant but short, winters are long and cold, and autumn is the crowning glory with some of the best fall foliage in New England. Overall cost of living in New Hampshire is about 10% above the national average, with housing costs for homes and apartments at about 12% above average, which may make it difficult to find affordable apartments for rent. However, personal finances are greatly helped by the fact that there is no state income tax or sales tax.

Manchester Apartments

The largest city in the state with more than 100,000 residents (10% of New Hampshire's population), Manchester is a bustling waterfront city with a legacy of hard work, spiritualism and community spirit. Living in the Queen City means you can take your pick of city or country living, with a short commute in either case. Manchester is the center of commercial and industry for the state, and home to several high tech companies, banks, retailers, manufacturers and colleges and universities. You'll find plenty of city apartments to choose from, with the median price for apartment rentals running at $650 per month.

Nashua Apartments

Nashua is the second largest city in New Hampshire, with a population of 87,000. It has all the charm of a traditional New England town, and the city puts a lot of effort into preserving its historic beauty. There is equal effort to maintain a progressive attitude, promoting diversity and urban amenities for its residents. Apartments here are slightly more expensive than in the larger city of Manchester; the median price is $760.

Concord Apartments

Although Concord is only half the size of Nashua in terms of population, it enjoys its own importance as the state's capital. It has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in New England, thanks to its winning mixture of historic beauty and modern amenities. Attractions of note are the beautiful capitol building, downtown shopping area and magnificent setting on the bluffs of the Merrimack River. Downtown Concord has been revitalized in recent years, and its beautifully restored historic buildings provide some upper-story apartments for rent well worth exploring. You'll find the prices of apartment rentals more affordable here than in much of the rest of the state, with a median price of $600.

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