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Average Rent in Manchester, NH

Avg. RentAnnual Change
Manchester Studio - $9500%
Manchester 1 Bed - $1,777+10%
Manchester 2 Beds - $2,105+2%

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City1 Bed Price2 Beds Price
Manchester, NH$1,777$2,105
Nashua, NH 15.9 miles$2,056$2,280
Haverhill, MA 24.4 miles$2,282$2,736
Lowell, MA 26 miles$1,977$2,415
Bedford, NH 4.6 miles$1,750$2,200
Concord, NH 15.3 miles$1,405$1,550
Derry, NH 10.2 miles$4,159$3,884
Salem, NH 19.2 miles$2,437$3,087
Londonderry, NH 9.9 miles$1,837$2,275
Merrimack, NH 9.2 miles$2,305$2,630

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