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Jersey City, NJ

Overview of Jersey City

Jersey City apartments for rent put residents in the heart of the New Jersey/New York City metropolitan area. While some could say Jersey City lives in New York's shadow, its position close to the city and along the Hudson River has contributed to its development.

The business industry has been thriving as Jersey City offers attractive alternatives to the expensive New York City life. With diversity that can rival New York City itself, Jersey City neighborhoods are varied and eclectic. People can find the well-known areas of the Village, Little India, and Bergen Lafayette, the historic districts and its artists markets to provide glimpses of unique cultures in an urban setting.

Living in Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City saw its earliest settlement in 1660 and according to the city's official website, a great deal of the history has taken place in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. People enjoy living in this bustling city for the landmark attractions it has to offer, the thriving nightlife, and the community quality.

The city boasts having one of the most diverse populations in the country, with more than 250,000 residents from a wide array of ethnic backgrounds and cultures. It may surprise many to learn that the infamous Ellis Island is actually within the borders of Jersey City, which can speak to the diversity found here.

Jersey City apartments can be found across the city and many can look to the downtown area where the skyline continues to expand or to Greenville for a taste of the past. Greenville is a popular neighborhood for hosting some of the oldest planned green spaces, a number of local landmarks and the largest branch of the Jersey City public library, the Miller Branch.

Jersey City Work and Study

Jersey City's economy has been traditionally dependent on transportation and distribution, but experienced a revival in the 1990s that continues today. The city shifted its focus to finance, insurance, and real estate businesses, contributing to Jersey City's nicknames of "the sixth borough" and "Wall Street West," according to City-Data. The source revealed that these businesses have seen a 500 percent growth since 1993 as many New York firms have looked to Jersey City to relocate or start up new businesses. Jersey City apartments are an ideal option for many business professionals relocating to these fast growing corporate developments.

City Town Info reveals that there are at least 10 colleges in Jersey City, including the selective New Jersey City University, which enrolls more than 8,400 students. Saint Peters College can also be found here, which enrolls roughly 3,000 students.

Rentals in Jersey City, NJ and Cost of Living

According to information collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, Jersey City rentals have a vacancy rate of 8.6 percent and the median gross rent is $1,084 as of 2010. Thirty percent of all renters fall in the gross rent range of $1,000 to $1,499, and more than 77 percent of all renters fall in the wider gross rent range of $750 to $1,500 or more. Nearly 39 percent of all renters report spending 35 percent or more on gross rental costs.

City-Data information revealed that the cost of living in Jersey City in March 2012 was assigned a value of 123.5, which is 23.5 points higher than the national average.

Jersey City Attractions and Special Events

There are many national historic landmarks located within the boundaries of Jersey City, including the Colgate Clock, which is located on Hudson Street and faces the Hudson Bay. This clock has a dial that stretches 50 feet in diameter, and a minute hand that weighs 2,200 pounds and moves at a whopping rate of 23 inches per minute. The clock was constructed in 1924 and is one of the largest clocks in the world, attracting many visitors.

Jersey City apartments can be prime spots for artists as well. According to City-Data, as of 2000, Jersey City has more artists living and working in the area than its giant neighbor, New York City, has in its SoHo district, its traditional artist haven neighborhood.

A popular area attraction is the historic Loew's Theater, located in downtown Journal Square. The ornately detailed theater has more than 3,000 seats and recently underwent a dramatic renovation so it could continue serving the arts.

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