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The eleventh state in the Union, New York has long been a leader in the political, cultural and economic life of the nation. The Empire State is most famous for New York City, not technically the state capital, but without a doubt one of the most important cities in the country and in the world. Whether you're in the market for urban loft apartments or charming garden apartments in the countryside, New York has what it takes to be your new home.

What to Expect

Although the largest percentage of the state's jobs lies in the service sector, other important sectors include manufacturing, printing and publishing, mass communications, advertising and entertainment. New York ranks seventh in the nation in manufacturing, with more than 800,000 employees as of 2002. Agriculture figures in to some extent; the state's main farm products are cattle, corn, poultry and wine. Tourism is also an important source of income.

New York seems to do everything on a larger-than-life scale. There's New York City, of course, home to nearly 9 million residents and the nerve center of the nation. But there's far more to New York than this bustling metropolis, with its world-class theater, fine dining and round-the-clock entertainment. The state does nature on a scale just as big. Tourists and residents alike are awed by the spectacular Niagara Falls, the scenic mountains of the Adirondacks, the lush green Catskills, numerous crystal-clear lakes, the stately Hudson River and vacation retreat Fire Island.

New York State's overall cost of living is 20% above the national average, with housing costs bearing the brunt of it at 40% above the average. New York City is the main culprit of these high numbers; it's difficult to find affordable apartments for rent in the city, especially in popular boroughs Manhattan and Brooklyn, unless you're lucky enough to have a high-paying job, independent wealth or multiple roommates willing to squish in to tiny studio apartments.

New York City Apartments

It's 301 square miles and produces 26 million pounds of garbage every day. It's New York City, the Big Apple, where the song says that if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere. There's plenty of industry and moneymaking happening in NYC. It's a leader in manufacturing (printing and publishing are foremost, followed by clothing), foreign trade, banking and entertainment (especially theatrical production). It's also home to the New York Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange in the world. If you.ve heard the stereotypes about cramped, overpriced NYC apartments, you already know that apartment rentals don't come cheap here.but the benefits to living here are many, with the endless employment and entertainment opportunities at your doorstep. The overall cost of living here is 364% compared to the national average, making it just slightly less than California's Silicon Valley, the most expensive area in the nation. Average apartment rentals go for $1,600 per month, with utilities costing an average of $189 per month.


Capital of New York State since 1797, Albany has been called "the jewel in New York's crown." With a population of only about 100,000, it maintains a more neighborly feel than you might find in bigger New York cities, like NYC, Buffalo and Rochester. Historic architecture, extraordinary museums, interesting restaurants and the newly renovated Capitol building are just a few of the attractions that residents and visitors appreciate. Another fact to appreciate: Albany enjoys an overall cost of living below the national average, including houses and apartments. In fact, the average cost of apartments for rent is only $600 per month.

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