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Average Rent in Bronx, NY

Avg. RentAnnual Change
Bronx Studio - $1,517-35%
Bronx 1 Bed - $1,767-32%
Bronx 2 Beds - $2,0170%

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Local Reviews

It's in New York and it's very walkable I have the pleasure of walking to work if I want to wveryday

I enjoy the diverse cultures I am surrounded by. I also enjoy the proximity I have to everything including stores, bars, public transportation, bakeries, and restaurants. I also find the music I am surrounded by to be different and enjoyable.

I love that Dunkin is so close to my house. I love going to the restaurants near my house or the mall.

I only like it because its not so far from my job. My apartment is nice too but some people in the building are not too nice

There are a lot of restaurants. There is cultural diversity. There are loads of trees and parks near by.

I love how everyone knows each other and watches out for each other. And there's a bit of everything in walking distance from the neighborhood.


Percentage: 3/53/5

Renters gave this area a 3 out of 5 for affordability

*The rent information included in this summary is based on a median calculation of multifamily rental property inventory on Apartment Guide and Rent.com over the past 12-months and is for illustrative purposes only. This information does not constitute a pricing guarantee or financial advice related to the rental market.

Rent Trends

Average rent in Bronx, NY

In Bronx, NY, as of 2024, the average rent for apartments ranges from $1,517 to $2,017. Specifically, the average rent for a studio apartment in Bronx, NY is $1,517. For those seeking a 1-bedroom apartments, the average rent is $1,767. And for a 2-bedroom apartment, renters can expect to pay an average of $2,017.

Annual Rent Change Over the Past 12 Months



Changed from $2,334 to $1,517
1 Bed


Changed from $2,599 to $1,767
2 Beds


Changed from $2,017 to $2,017

Rent Ranges

Apartment PricesProportion

Compare Other Cities

CityStudio Avg RentAnnual Change
New York$4,490+3%
Jersey City$3,685+2%
Long Island City$3,335+13%
City1 Bed Avg RentAnnual Change
New York$5,098-5%
Long Island City$4,112+13%
Jersey City$4,067+5%
City2 Beds Avg RentAnnual Change
New York$7,157-11%
Long Island City$6,377+16%
Jersey City$5,346+13%

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Transportation Scores

Percentage: 8787

Walk Score®



Say 101 of 188 renters

Has Sidewalks


Say 130 of 188 renters

Percentage: 6363

Bike Score®

Bike Friendly


Say 103 of 188 renters

Percentage: 9393

Transit Score®

They Are Located Near Public Transportation


Say 137 of 188 renters

Need A Car


Say 95 of 188 renters

Area Amenities

Top Score

Retail Shops

5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Bronx is top of the shops for retail.

  1. Few shops per resident
  2. Significantly more shops than average
  3. Significantly more shops than areas of a similar size

Grocery Stores

4.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

There are some super markets around here.

  1. Few grocery stores per resident
  2. Significantly more grocery stores than average
  3. Significantly more grocery stores than areas of a similar size

Gas Stations

4.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You won't have to drive far to fill up around here.

  1. Few gas stations per resident
  2. Significantly more gas stations than average
  3. 6% fewer gas stations than areas of a similar size


3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Rest assured, you won't go hungry around here.

  1. Few restaurants per resident
  2. Significantly more restaurants than average
  3. 18% more restaurants than areas of a similar size


3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Oh la latte, not a bad spot for getting a cup of joe.

  1. Few coffee shops per resident
  2. Significantly more coffee shops than average
  3. 66% fewer coffee shops than areas of a similar size


3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You'll be living the park life in Bronx.

  1. Few parks per resident
  2. Significantly more parks than average
  3. 50% fewer parks than areas of a similar size

Pet Services

3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Sit. Stay. Good boy. Bronx is a good place for pets.

  1. Few pet facilities per resident
  2. Significantly more pet facilities than average
  3. 72% fewer pet facilities than areas of a similar size

Medical Care

3.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

You won't get sick of medical care here.

  1. Few medical facilities per resident
  2. Significantly more medical facilities than average
  3. 38% fewer medical facilities than areas of a similar size


3/5 stars based on undefined reviews

Happy hour starts at six around here.

  1. Few bars and clubs per resident
  2. Significantly more bars and clubs than average
  3. 48% fewer bars and clubs than areas of a similar size

Health and Fitness

3/5 stars based on undefined reviews

We'd be gym buddies with Bronx.

  1. Few gyms per resident
  2. Significantly more gyms than average
  3. 38% fewer gyms than areas of a similar size

Fine Arts

2.5/5 stars based on undefined reviews

It's just about fine for fine art. An average score.

  1. Few fine art centers per resident
  2. Significantly more fine art centers than average
  3. 63% fewer fine art centers than areas of a similar size

Area Features

Area Has Potholes


Say 143 of 188 renters

Area Has Litter


Say 134 of 188 renters

Noise Late At Night


Say 130 of 188 renters

Near Grocery Stores


Say 129 of 188 renters

Near Schools


Say 123 of 188 renters

Busy Streets


Say 121 of 188 renters

Good Place To Raise A Family


Say 120 of 188 renters

Nearby Parks


Say 103 of 188 renters

Mostly Older Buildings


Say 97 of 188 renters

Pet Friendly


Say 102 of 188 renters

Area Has Kids Play Outside


Say 117 of 188 renters

Quiet Area


Say 124 of 188 renters

Near Highways


Say 125 of 188 renters

Safe For Families


Say 125 of 188 renters

Well Lit


Say 125 of 188 renters

Tree Lined Streets


Say 127 of 188 renters

Maintained Yards


Say 148 of 188 renters

Mostly Newer Buildings


Say 151 of 188 renters

Near Downtown


Say 154 of 188 renters

Nice Views


Say 156 of 188 renters


Percentage: 4/54/5

School Score

How satisfied do renters feel with the schools in this area.

Top Schools in Bronx

Information provided by GreatSchools. To verify school enrollment eligibility, contact the school district directly.


Bronx, NY

Overview of Bronx

Are you a Yankees fan? Then raise a glass to the great batsmen from the Bronx, from Babe Ruth to Reggie Jackson to Derek Jeter. Do you feel like dancing? Then maybe the hip-hop history of the "Boogie Down Bronx" calls out to you. For whatever reason you're seeking a Bronx apartment or rental, know that 42 square miles of city and parks fill this borough of New York. From the historic mansions of Riverdale to the seafood on City Island, the Bronx welcomes you.

Living in the Bronx

Jonas Bronck began European settlement here in 1639. The borough is named for him. A rural area, it grew populous with immigrants starting in the mid-1800s. Then the hilly West Bronx and the flatter East Bronx were annexed to New York City. Together, they became a borough in 1898. When subways started running, the Bronx evolved into a railroad suburb of Manhattan. By the 1950s, the first waves of Italians, Irish, Germans, and Jews had moved in and moved on. They were replaced by African Americans and Hispanic Americans, particularly Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. The Bronx came alive with Latin music and hip-hop. The 1970s brought poverty and unemployment, but the borough has rebounded with a serious construction boom.

Of the five boroughs of New York, the Bronx is the only one based primarily on the mainland. While the Marble Hill neighborhood of Manhattan joins the Bronx north of the Harlem River, the rest of the city is island living. Bronx County may be the third most densely populated in the United States, but a quarter of the land here is green, open space.

Work & Study in the Bronx

The Bronx presents plenty of opportunity for both study and work. In terms of education, Fordham University is the Bronx's best-known campus. There are three City University of New York schools here, too. The best maritime education in the country can be found at the State University of New York Maritime College, in the Bronx. Work tends to be in manufacturing, education, and health and social services. Construction, primarily of housing, is also active remaking lots across the South Bronx.

Cost of Living in the Bronx

Living in the Bronx won't cost you as much as some of the other boroughs of New York City, but it's still more expensive than most of the country. Your rent will depend greatly on which part of the Bronx you choose to call home. Costs range from the low end in the South Bronx to the high end in affluent areas such as Riverdale. The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the Bronx is $1,400.

Bronx Attractions & Entertainment

Pilgrims from around the world flock to the Bronx and "the House that Ruth Built"-Yankee Stadium. A new ballpark across the street has replaced the 1923 original, but watching the so-called Bronx Bombers play remains a treat. Down in South Bronx, a high-rise much like any other also lures in tourists. This tower off the Cross Bronx Expressway is where DJ Kool Herc helped invent hip-hop. Hush Hip Hop Tours will take you sightseeing if you like. There's the Bronx Zoo, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the New York Botanical Gardens, and Poe Cottage, where Edgar Allan Poe saw out his days. For a nice long walk, try Pelham Bay Park, New York's largest, in the East Bronx.

Bronx Special Events

Year-round, the Bronx celebrates its culture and history. There's the Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade and Sweden Day. The Tour de Bronx is New York State's largest free bicycling event. Look for events during Bronx Week, such as the Grand Parade and a film festival. Or try the Bronx Zoo on a Wednesday, when admission is suggested donation only!

If you're looking for an apartment in the Bronx, Rent.com® has the information you need to get settled. Let us help you find your perfect Bronx rental.

Bronx Neighborhood Guides

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