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Overview of New York City

Recognized as a center for finance, art, entertainment, culture and gastronomy the world over, New York City is a fast-paced, exciting setting and a great place to get a two bedroom apartment for rent. From iconic sites such as the Statue of Liberty to cultural destinations like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there's always something to do during your free time. While the city may sometimes seem like an endless canyon of steel and glass, there are wonderful green spaces where residents can enjoy nature, such as the famous Central Park.

There's endless entertainment in the city, from Radio City Music Hall to Broadway, but sometimes finding an intimate setting tucked away in Greenwich Village, such as Smalls Jazz Club, can be a perfect way to spend an evening. Some of the finest restaurants in the world are in New York, from Le Benardin to delis like Zabar's. There's an endless amount of street food as well, like the New York hot dog in the summer or a bag of roasted chestnuts in the middle of the winter.

Rent.com can be an integral part of your house-hunting experience, with helpful blog topics, relevant city information and current rental prices to help you find exactly the apartment you need.

Searching for a Two Bedroom Apartment in New York City

The New York rental market is one of the most expensive in the country, but there are signs that prices might be leveling out in some boroughs of the city, as this Rent.com blog post goes into. Rent for the greater New York City area can vary widely, but for two bedroom apartments, the price will begin around $4,000-$4,300 per month and go up from there. Small families or those looking for a second bedroom to use as an office or workspace will benefit from two bedroom apartments, and it is not difficult to find a variety of apartment layouts all over the city to meet this need.

Typical Layout for Two Bedroom Apartments in New York City

Floor plans can vary considerably, depending on how updated an apartment building may be; some will incorporate historic features such as plaster molding or fireplaces into a design while others will have clean, modern lines. Generally, renters can expect an open floor plan that offers a great room combining the kitchen, sitting and dining rooms. Two bedrooms will lead off the main living space with one or possibly two bathrooms. Some buildings may offer a balcony.