Saratoga Market Center

55 Railroad Pl, Saratoga Springs, New York 12866
  • 1–3 Beds
  • 1–2 Baths
  • 710-1595 Sqft
    (518) 636-1807
    Saratoga Market Center
    (518) 636-1807

    The Highlights

    Here are some of the most popular amenities
    • Furnished Available
    • Washer & Dryer In Unit
    • Air Conditioning
    • Balcony, Patio, Deck
    • Dishwasher
    • Cable Ready

    Floor Plans

    124 Floor Plans and 1 unit available
    403$2,269+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba820 Sqft08/20/2021
    403$22691 Bd, 1 Ba820 sqft08/20/2021
    216$2,065+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    218$2,072+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    303$2,090+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba820 SqftContact
    322$2,090+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba730 SqftContact
    414$2,090+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba710 SqftContact
    522$2,090+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba730 SqftContact
    422$2,115+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba730 SqftContact
    222$2,135+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba730 SqftContact
    314$2,146+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba710 SqftContact
    418$2,165+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    316$2,184+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    204$2,190+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba830 SqftContact
    304$2,190+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba830 SqftContact
    416$2,190+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    209$2,238+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba760 SqftContact
    214$2,240+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba710 SqftContact
    606$2,271+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba1005 SqftContact
    318$2,280+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    514$2,290+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba710 SqftContact
    614$2,290+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba710 SqftContact
    505$2,315+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba890 SqftContact
    516$2,320+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    309$2,324+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba760 SqftContact
    616$2,325+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    203$2,345+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba820 SqftContact
    404$2,357+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba830 SqftContact
    409$2,368+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba760 SqftContact
    622$2,390+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba730 SqftContact
    518$2,410+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    504$2,420+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba830 SqftContact
    405$2,425+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba890 SqftContact
    509$2,440+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba760 SqftContact
    605$2,440+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba890 SqftContact
    618$2,440+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba715 SqftContact
    609$2,458+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba760 SqftContact
    604$2,481+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba830 SqftContact
    305$2,485+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba890 SqftContact
    306$2,490+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba1005 SqftContact
    503$2,550+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba820 SqftContact
    603$2,550+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba820 SqftContact
    506$2,618+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba1005 SqftContact
    406$2,640+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba1005 SqftContact
    205$2,645+/mo1 Bd, 1 Ba890 SqftContact
    208$2,725+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 Sqft09/06/2021
    208$27252 Bd, 2 Ba1125 sqft09/06/2021
    408$2,850+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 Sqft09/21/2021
    408$28502 Bd, 2 Ba1125 sqft09/21/2021
    621$2,990+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 Sqft07/21/2021
    621$29902 Bd, 2 Ba1270 sqft07/21/2021
    320$3,100+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 Sqft08/20/2021
    320$31002 Bd, 2 Ba1125 sqft08/20/2021
    301$3,268+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1100 Sqft08/03/2021
    301$32682 Bd, 2 Ba1100 sqft08/03/2021
    510$3,377+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1130 Sqft07/17/2021
    510$33772 Bd, 2 Ba1130 sqft07/17/2021
    212$2,620+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1120 SqftContact
    211$2,805+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    512$2,837+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1120 SqftContact
    312$2,870+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1120 SqftContact
    317$2,870+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1050 SqftContact
    517$2,895+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1050 SqftContact
    423$2,935+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    223$2,945+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    411$2,945+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    410$2,955+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1130 SqftContact
    308$2,969+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 SqftContact
    421$2,970+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 SqftContact
    501$2,970+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1100 SqftContact
    615$2,970+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1060 SqftContact
    623$2,970+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    323$2,995+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    523$3,015+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    413$3,020+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1070 SqftContact
    612$3,055+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1120 SqftContact
    319$3,070+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 SqftContact
    412$3,090+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1120 SqftContact
    217$3,095+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1050 SqftContact
    417$3,145+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1050 SqftContact
    511$3,145+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    315$3,168+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1060 SqftContact
    219$3,170+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 SqftContact
    313$3,170+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1070 SqftContact
    619$3,170+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 SqftContact
    513$3,180+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1070 SqftContact
    213$3,185+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1070 SqftContact
    515$3,195+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1060 SqftContact
    613$3,195+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1070 SqftContact
    420$3,234+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 SqftContact
    321$3,270+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 SqftContact
    401$3,270+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1100 SqftContact
    521$3,270+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 SqftContact
    311$3,272+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    617$3,285+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1050 SqftContact
    201$3,290+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1100 SqftContact
    215$3,295+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1060 SqftContact
    519$3,295+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 SqftContact
    611$3,374+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1065 SqftContact
    415$3,388+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1060 SqftContact
    221$3,469+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 SqftContact
    520$3,470+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 SqftContact
    601$3,497+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1100 SqftContact
    419$3,534+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1270 SqftContact
    608$3,540+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 SqftContact
    508$3,595+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 SqftContact
    610$3,647+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1130 SqftContact
    620$3,660+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 SqftContact
    220$3,853+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1125 SqftContact
    407$4,070+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1595 SqftContact
    307$4,445+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1595 SqftContact
    310$4,465+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1130 SqftContact
    210$4,500+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1130 SqftContact
    207$4,505+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1595 SqftContact
    507$4,665+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1595 SqftContact
    607$4,795+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1595 SqftContact
    224$6,670+/mo2 Bd, 2 Ba1377 SqftContact
    525$3,445+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1390 Sqft1 Available
    525$34453 Bd, 2 Ba1390 sqftToday
    225$3,422+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1390 Sqft09/10/2021
    225$34223 Bd, 2 Ba1390 sqft09/10/2021
    625$3,595+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1390 Sqft09/03/2021
    625$35953 Bd, 2 Ba1390 sqft09/03/2021
    202$3,018+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1375 SqftContact
    425$3,195+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1390 SqftContact
    325$3,295+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1390 SqftContact
    324$3,382+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1590 SqftContact
    424$3,395+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1590 SqftContact
    602$3,436+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1375 SqftContact
    302$3,624+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1375 SqftContact
    402$3,740+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1375 SqftContact
    524$3,780+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1590 SqftContact
    624$3,795+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1590 SqftContact
    502$3,895+/mo3 Bd, 2 Ba1375 SqftContact

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    Pet Policy

    Find out if pets are allowed at this property


    Dogs Allowed
    We welcome 2 pets per apartment home. There is a $250 fee (non-refundable) per pet. Pet rent is $25 per month per pet. Please call our Leasing Office for complete Pet Policy information.
    Initial fee: $250
    Maximum pets: 2
    Additional rent: $50


    Cats Allowed
    We welcome 2 pets per apartment home. There is a $250 fee (non-refundable) per pet. Pet rent is $25 per month per pet. Please call our Leasing Office for complete Pet Policy information.
    Initial fee: $250
    Maximum pets: 2
    Additional rent: $50


    See all 34 amenities for this unit

    Living Space

    Air Conditioning
    Hardwood Flooring
    Oversized Closets
    Washer & Dryer In Unit


    Cable Ready
    Extra Storage
    Furnished Available


    Stainless Steel Appliances

    Outdoor Space



    Fitness Center
    Smoke Free

    Management Details

    Accepts Credit Card Payments
    Accepts Electronic Payments
    On Site Maintenance
    On Site Management
    Emergency Maintenance
    Corporate Billing Available


    Disability Access


    Controlled Access


    Attached Parking
    Carpet in Great Rooms and Bedrooms
    Ceramic Tile Flooring in Bathrooms
    Engineered Hardwood flooring in Foyer & Kitchen
    Granite Countertops with Raised Bar
    Masonite two-panel molded doors
    Satin Nickle lever door handles
    Secure Building
    Some Paid Utilities
    Trash Chutes

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    Just a 3 minute walk from your front door awaits dozens of dining and shopping experiences, including everything from fine dining to quick snacks, as well as bakeries, ice cream shops, cafes, taverns, grocers, clothing stores, art galleries, Arts Center and much more!

    Community Information

    124 Units

    Building Type


    Managed By

    West Side Management LLC.
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    Saratoga Springs High School

    Saratoga Springs City School District

    Grades 9-12public

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    Saratoga Central Catholic High School

    Grades 6-12private

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    No Rating

    Waldorf School Of Saratoga Springs

    Grades PK-12private

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    No Rating

    Leasing Terms

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    Variable, 12-Month
    Lease terms are variable. Please inquire with property staff.

    Office Hours

    In response to COVID-19, office hours and walk-in appointments may be limited.
    Open Until 05:00 PM


    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

    55 Railroad Pl
    Saratoga Springs, New York 12866