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April 08, 2019
Our appointment was terrible.She was rude and not very knowledgeable.She was in a hurry to get us out of Metro303 .It's a shame she would have rented it on the spot.
January 12, 2018
Layout of the building is bad. Elevator is a 5min walk away if you want to go to the main entrance. All elevators are slow. Takes 5mins to just open the door of the elevator and then the elevator takes ages to reach your floor in addition to the wait time for it to come. Elevator is also low poor quality, goes out of service every few weeks. Auto payments for rents don't work and nobody can provide any support for it as they said they are unauthorized for this, So not sure how to do auto pay and no-one willing to assist in setting it up.On top, specially called in asking for a package of mine to be left outside so I can pick it up as I won't be able to make it home in time as the office closes at 5pm . Said will leave the package outside so I can pick it up later. However upon reaching home, They did not do that and the door was locked so I couldn't collect my package. Also someone opened one of my packages which I did not receive.Trash collection people also lazy, Some days they collect it, some days they don't.
January 13, 2016
I recently moved into west 130 and I am more than pleased. I am extremely comfortable. I feel safe and secure. It doesn't take long to feel like you are at home. We love it here!
January 13, 2016
I moved to West 130 from Pennsylvania last October for a new job. I decided to live in Long Island rather than Brooklyn where my job is located because I could get more space for the money, in-unit washer and dryer, and have parking available at an affordable rate for my husband and myself. I love the layout of my apartment, the walk-in closet, the fact that my utilities are so low because the building is so well insulated I never even need to turn on the heat. I very rarely hear noise from other apartments. I take the LIRR to work every day so, of course, I love the fact the train is right next door, especially with all the snow this past winter, didn't have to come home at night and clear my car off just to drive home, like some of my colleagues do. The only problem I had was with the fire alarm going off when I first moved in, but that hasn't happened for months now.
January 13, 2016
From the first day that I signed my lease, West 130 has exceeded my expectations. The onsite management team works endlessly to make life here very comfortable. Having previously lived in a garden apartment as well as owning a house I understand the scope of group living and the responsibilities that went along with maintaining a house. At West 130 the residents are both friendly and considerate. I have had a few maintenance matters to resolve and they were attended to immediately and to my satisfaction. The West 130 team wants its residents to enjoy each day here and the positive atmosphere and environment is terrific!
JM Long I.
January 13, 2016
My wife and I love coming home to our apartment and feel very comfortable and safe here. The staff do whatever they can to make this an amazing living experience. Those that have complaints are often as a result of others not following the basic rules and respecting their neighbors. This isn't the staff fault, it would be the case if we lived in a residential neighborhood and had bad neighbors. We are very happy with all we have received and although the price may be alittle high, I would rather pay more for quality and good service. All in all this has been a great experience for us and we are renewing our lease.
D Sweeney from New Y.
January 13, 2016
Living at West 130 provides resort style living at an affordable price. There is also a sense of community, everyone greets each other in passing.
Miss C.
January 13, 2016
Great experience living here.
Anthony. H.
January 13, 2016
I moved here 6 months ago and everything they promised when I was moving in, has been met. The building stays very clean. The maintenance staff is always taking care of issues throughout the week. Even when there is an issue in the building, the staff makes it a priority to address it. I also feel very secure throughout the building with the fab. I hope they keep this up!
Dominique G.
January 13, 2016
West 130 is great place to live! The gym is our most favorite amnetiy and is opened all the time. My life loves the hard granite counters and the kitchen layout is very practical. The property managers are very friendly and always ask to if there is anything they can do to make our experience better.
J. A.
January 13, 2016
Patrick U.
January 13, 2016
I am very satisfied with my time at West130. The prices are a bit steep for the area/surrounding neighborhood I must say but my experience has been positive nonetheless. The amenities are great. You can't beat the space, modern renovations, underground parking, central a/c, as well as proximity to public transportation (LIRR). Apartment communities are hard to come by in Long Island so I appreciate a well kept building such as West130. I personally have never had any issues with my apartment that haven't been immediately addressed. My biggest complaint is the leasing office hours for picking up packages - however, they have addressed this by always dropping them off upon my request which is much appreciated. The staff is almost always reachable by email which is also a plus. Overall, this has been a positive experience for me.
JandS - West H.
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