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Ohio is famous for its firsts, from the historic to the delicious. It was the site of the world's first successful airplane flight by native sons Orville and Wilbur Wright as well as home of the first incandescent light bulb, invented by Thomas Edison. It's also where the first major league pro-baseball team was organized (the Cincinnati Reds, in 1866). As for the delicious...Ohio is the birthplace of hotdogs (1904), Life Savers candy (1912) and the banana split (1904). If Ohio sounds interesting so far, keep reading. The Buckeye State has a lot to offer.

What to Expect

As one of the nation's industrial leaders, Ohio ranks third in the U.S. for manufacturing employment. This is in spite of massive industrial decline since the 1960s, which has made Ohio the center of the "Rust Belt." However, the state continues to be a leader in the production of transportation equipment, metals and machinery. The state's economy is also helped by products from the land, including lime, clay, salt and agriculture. Extensive farmland produces corn, soybeans, hay, wheat, cattle, hogs and dairy products.

Ohioans are proud of their historical heritage, and the state makes it a priority to preserve and honor its landmarks and attractions. From sacred Native American grounds to Civil War sites to Ohio's second-to-none aviation legacy, there is plenty here to appreciate. Those who like to explore the great outdoors won't have to look far. Ohio offers hiking, hunting, fishing, bird watching, water sports and other recreational activities.

And what are you likely to find in terms of cost when looking for apartments in the state? Ohio's overall cost of living is about 5.5% below the national average, with housing--including apartments for rent--among the best benefits at 15% below average.

Where to Explore

Before being settled by early Americans, much of Ohio's land was covered with virgin forest.a vision that is hard to imagine today. From Lake Erie to the Ohio River (which gave the state its name), Ohio's landscape is mostly flat, with a few areas of hills. Columbus is the capital and largest city, while Cleveland is the state's largest metropolitan area, and Cleveland is an attractive option when looking for apartments in the state as well.

Columbus Apartments

Ohio's largest city, Columbus is home to more than 725,000 people and is a transportation, industrial and trade center for the region and the entire state. City and state government, as well as the city's numerous research and educational centers, are major employers. Residents enjoy the city's professional hockey team (the Blue Jackets), racetracks, museums and a nice variety of cultural events. The overall cost of living is 3% below the national average, with prices for apartments hitting the national average. Expect to pay about $450 for studio apartments, $550-700 for one-bedroom apartments, $650-850 for two-bedroom apartments, and $900 and up for three-bedroom apartment rentals.

Cleveland Apartments

Cleveland's nickname The New American City reflects the city's recent renaissance and commitment to improving itself. The second-largest city in Ohio, Cleveland is a major manufacturing and commercial center. Its downtown area has undergone extensive renovation in recent years, including new cultural, sports and entertainment attractions as well as a greater number and variety of apartments for rent. The overall cost of living is 7% below the national average, and apartments are among the most affordable in the state, with the rent for median apartments hitting $550 per month.

Cincinnati apartments

Ohio's third largest city and a great place to call home, Cincinnati is known for its scenic beauty of steep hills, wooded suburbs and a picturesque downtown riverfront. Cincinnati has been on top-city lists in several publications; recently, Fortune Magazine rated it one of the top ten places to live and work. With its many amenities including museums, historic sties, world-class zoo and aquarium and pro sports teams it's no wonder it's called it the Queen City of the West. Cost of living here is 3% below the national average, with a median rent of $600 for apartment rentals.

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