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Overview of Cincinnati

Cincinnati's neighborhood-driven layout and city resources make it an ideal place for young families, as there are many spots that are quiet enough to raise children but still close enough to Downtown that parents can easily commute to work. If you're just beginning to scan the options for house rentals in Cincinnati, be sure to consider the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood. 

The area features a wealth of possibilities for prospective home renters, with historic houses available at a variety of price points. There's also a considerable diversity of home styles in Pleasant Ridge, so families with a range of aesthetic tastes are sure to find a home that appeals to them.

A community-centered environment

Like nearby Hyde Park, Pleasant Ridge has a distinctly small-neighborhood feel. Residents enjoy a certain amount of distance from the bustle of Downtown Cincinnati. Unlike the residential areas of some cities, Pleasant Ridge's streets are thoroughly tree-lined, and it's easy to find a home with a sizeable yard.

Another contributing factor to the distinctive community vibe of the neighborhood is its wealth of locally owned businesses and eateries, which allow residents to stay nearby for much of their needs and activities. This component of life in Pleasant Ridge also makes it a very walkable district.

Bring the family outdoors

Great parks make the neighborhood an excellent place for families to let their kids have fun outside on pleasant days. Pleasant Ridge Park lies in the center of the district and is a popular community spot, while Woodford Park and Kennedy Heights Park are just on the neighborhood's eastern border.

Pleasant Ridge also offers more adult-centered outdoor activities. The Losantiville Country Club provides a great golf course that's sure to keep any enthusiast of the sport occupied for an afternoon.

Options for weekend fun

There's plenty to keep the family busy on a Saturday or Sunday in and around Pleasant Ridge. A short drive - or a walk, if you want to log some exercise - will take you to Cincinnati's renowned Hyde Park neighborhood and its main drag, Madison Road. Families can take in the scenery of this district, a rival to Pleasant Ridge in terms of quaintness. For shoppers, outdoor Findlay Market is a gem, and there are many local boutiques and specialty stores you can stop into.

Of course, Hyde Park has a number of interesting restaurants - but so does Pleasant Ridge itself. Families with adventurous tastes can enjoy the food at Cincinnati's only Ethiopian eatery, one of Pleasant Ridge's best culinary attractions.

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