Oregon Apartments and Homes


From desert to coastline, mountains to valleys, Oregon contains some of the most diverse landscapes you'll find contained within one state. Visitors and residents alike are awed by the beauty of this land, which is peppered with notable manmade attractions (such as the picturesque lighthouses up the coast) and spectacular sites nature created (including snow-capped mountains, rolling sand dunes, rushing waterfalls and dramatic stalactites). Exploring apartments for rent in the Beaver State is sure to be the right road to finding a beautiful new place to call home.

What to Expect

Oregon's economy is made up of many varied components. It may be most famous for its $3 billion lumber industry (and its subsequent wood products and paper industries), thanks to half of the state's land being made up of forests. Recent conservation efforts have slowed the lumber industry to some extent, but more than enough other industries have risen to help the state's economy. Salmon, peppermint, berries, hazelnuts and hops are all major crops. In addition, many computer and electronics companies have settled here in what has become known as the "Silicon Forest."

Oregon's overall cost of living is about 10% above the national average, making it one of the more expensive states in the nation. Apartments for rent and other types of housing are a significant factor in this, weighing in at 13% above the average.

Portland Apartments

With more than half a million residents and counting, Portland is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities. Why are so many people drawn to this city? Portland is located where two rivers meet, with lush forests and dramatic volcanoes all around. It's hard to imagine a more picturesque setting, and locals take advantage of their great outdoors with recreational activities like hiking, camping, boating and bird watching. For those who prefer the perks of urban living, Portland has them in abundance. Brewpubs, coffeehouses, eclectic restaurants, funky nightlife and a thriving live music scene make this a cool place to live, especially for the socially minded, bicycle-riding, Birkenstocks-in-the-boardroom types that seem to make up a significant portion of the population. All this cool sophistication and spectacular scenery doesn't come cheap, though. With an overall cost of living at 20% above the national average, with average apartment rentals coming in at $730 per month, Portland's rents for apartments can be too pricey for some. For more affordable apartments, take a look at the east side of town, where rents tend to be cheaper.

Salem Apartments

A much smaller town than Portland, the capital city of Oregon has only 142,000 residents, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with plenty of community spirit. Salem is in the center of an agricultural area that produces crops, livestock and dairy products as well as food products, electronics, wood, paper, metal and cloth. Salem is also home to a number of state and federal government offices, the historic state capitol building, and the annual state fair. Plenty of apartments rentals are available, starting in the $400-500 range for small studios and one-bedroom apartments, with not many going over $1,000 per month.

Search Apartments in Oregon

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