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How Much Can I Rent My House For?

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Discover the true potential of your property with our rental pricing tool. Using real time comparisons of similar nearby rental properties, we help you set the ideal rental price that ensures maximum returns and tenant satisfaction.

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Sort and analyze a custom list of rental comparisons for your area. Using information from properties that are similar to yours makes it easier to set the right price. This valuable data helps in making informed decisions for your rental business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I set the rental price?

To set an appropriate rent price, take into account local rent regulations, the rental rates of nearby homes (rental comparables), your property's features, and current market trends. For an initial estimation, you can use our free online rental estimate tool.

How is my rental estimate calculated?

Our rental estimate tool provides an estimated rent price based on the property’s address, surrounding rental properties and other internal data.

Why is Rent.com’s rental price tool more accurate than others?

Other rent pricing tools attempt to use complicated algorithms that are pre-calculated and can become stale. Average rent prices are volatile and seasonal so it's important to know what you can rent your house for with today’s data. Our tool keeps it simple by creating an estimated rental price with real time rental comparisons that are up for rent today.

How can I advertise my rental property?

Many renters search for homes online, so maximizing your listing's exposure across multiple platforms is essential. Rent.com offers a variety of solutions for landlords and businesses alike.

When is the right time to adjust my rent price?

As a landlord, you might think of raising the rent if market rates, property taxes, insurance premiums, or homeowners association fees have risen, or if you have property maintenance costs.