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Rhode Island Apartments and Homes


This small state, which clocks in at only 37 miles wide and 48 miles long, is big on great reasons to move here. The Ocean State has a lot to offer residents of its apartments, from a beautiful coastline to a thriving intellectual community courtesy of Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and other local schools.

What to Expect

The economy of Rhode Island centers primarily on three powerful industries: tourism, manufacturing and health services. Tourism is the largest of these industries, as there is no shortage of visitors to this state's stunning shores.

Rhode Island's coast is lined with resorts noted for their swimming and boating facilities. Sun-worshippers can bake on the more than a hundred public and private beaches in the state. The vacation spots are many, with windswept Block Island standing out as a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Boat enthusiasts will find like-minded souls on Narragansett Bay, famous for its sailboats and yachts. If you prefer land to sea, there's plenty to explore in Rhode Island, 60% of which is made up of woodlands.

The climate is temperate, and all four seasons can be enjoyed to their fullest. The temperatures reach the 80s and occasionally above during the summer months, much to the delight of beach goers. Temperatures start to drop in mid-September, when the leaves start to change. The first snowfall of the season tends to happen at the end of November, and the temperature hovers around freezing through mid-March, when frost is replaced by flowers and the weather creeps up again.

The overall cost of living is above the national average.

Where to Explore

Although more than half of Rhode Island is covered with forests, it is a highly urbanized state with plenty of apartments for rent in various rent ranges and styles. The variety of this state is evident in differences inherent in two of its major cities, Providence and Newport.


The largest city in the state and one of the three largest in New England, Providence is a port of entry and a major trading center. This midsize city has a population of almost 200,000 residents. A dramatic urban transformation over the last ten years has led many to describe Providence as a Renaissance City, making it a great place to look for apartments rentals.

If it's important to you to search for apartments near an active nightlife and cultural opportunities, the downtown area of Providence is a good place to start. There you'll find dance clubs, cabaret-style cafés and live music venues showcasing all styles of music, as well as theaters and independent movie houses. Best of all, many of these venues are in close proximity, making residents less dependent on cars for getting around.


Once famous for the high society that summered here in the mid-1900s, Newport is now home to residents who still enjoy the area's Colonial houses, beautiful gardens and sparkling beaches. The city is also home to popular jazz and folk festivals and is known as the "Sailing Capital of the World." Not surprisingly, apartments near the historic waterfront and other local attractions tend to be the most expensive in the area.

Rhode Island State Map With Cities

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