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Overview of Providence

Renowned for its unique mix of big-city amenities and small-city charm, Providence has a little something for everyone and offers many furnished apartments for those with short stays in the area. Most of the best attractions in Rhode Island can be found by strolling around the vibrant streets. Top-notch destinations popular with locals and tourists alike include Roger Williams Park Zoo, Waterplace Park and Flatbread Pizza Company. Famous for its walkability, downtown Providence and the surrounding area is easy to explore on foot and boasts a high quality of life. If you're moving to Providence in the near future for any reason, you can find an excellent furnished apartment on Rent.com. They list and thoroughly review only the most appealing ready-to-move-in rentals found around the Ocean State's storied capital.

Furnished Apartments in Providence-Finding Yours and Getting the Most for Your Money

Providence has a variety of unique neighborhoods to choose from. The Downtown core, known by locals as "Downcity," has a slew of high-rise apartments that are surprisingly affordable. Renovated warehouses in the Jewelry District offer a variety of funky lofts for young professionals and artists. The Federal Hill area is a middle class mainstay that boasts tons of great restaurants and good public transportation. If you're looking for relative peace and quiet and don't mind paying for it, the College Hill area is always a great option. Urban dwellers that like to get outdoors will appreciate the many parks in the Silver Lake area.

As far as prices go, furnished apartments for rent in Providence run the gamut from incredibly affordable for New England to fairly expensive. The size of an apartment as well as its specific features and convenience will factor into the price. Like any provincial town, Providence has its own quirky trends when it comes to pricing for apartments. Rest assured that there's something for everyone if you know where to look. Once you've settled on the perfect furnished apartment in Providence, use the handy guide from Rent.com's blog to make any furnished apartment feel like a real home.