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From the upcountry of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the low country of Charleston, South Carolina is a state of great natural beauty, interesting history and plenty of true Southern charm. It's called the Palmetto State in honor of the official state tree, the Sabal Palmetto, which also appears on the state flag. There are apartments with various amenities and rent ranges available across the strate, but the greatest variety is to be found in the state's largest cities of Columbia, Charleston, Rock Hill, Greenville and Mount Pleasant.

What to Expect

Agriculture has long been an important part of South Carolina's economy. The state is the third-largest producer of peaches and fourth-largest producer of tobacco. Other agricultural products include tea, cattle, poultry, watermelons and peanuts. In the past, agriculture was the main force of South Carolina's economy, but today other industries, including textiles, steel and chemicals, have far exceeded the cash value of farms. However, it is the tourist industry that ranks as the highest source of income in the state. Visitors come to see the many historic and natural sites, including Fort Sumter National Monument (famous for being the place where the Civil War began), the state's many famous gardens and historic homes and beach resorts on Myrtle Beach and Sea Island.

South Carolina is generally a very comfortable place to live, thanks to its humid subtropical climate. The summers are long and hot, and the winters are short and mild. That means there's pleasant weather year-round for enjoying the state's scenic cypress swamps, moss-hung oaks, flowering gardens, antebellum plantations and historic seaports. South Carolina has an overall cost of living at 4% below the national average, and housing costs--including apartment rentals--at 9% below the national average.

Columbia Apartments

Columbia is the South Carolina's state capital and its largest city, with 120,000 residents. It was founded in 1786 to be the center of government, education and commerce for the state, and this designation remains true today. The city offers many attractions for visitors and residents alike, including the world-famous Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden, which is often rated as one of the 10 best zoos in the nation. You'll find plenty of Southern charm and friendly faces in Columbia, as well as relatively affordable apartments. The overall cost of living is 18% below the national average, which comes in handy when looking for apartments for rent that work within a strict budget. In fact, the median price for apartment rentals is $570 per month, making this an accessible area for many.

Charleston Apartments

"The Most Mannerly City in America" is the home to just over 100,000 South Carolinians. It is the oldest city in the state and one of the chief ports of entry into the southeastern portion of the country. Charleston is a city rich in history, beauty, great lowcountry restaurants and Southern culture. From historic landmarks and cobblestone streets to beautifully preserved antebellum homes, from the waterfront Battery to numerous museums and galleries, Charleston is a city of graceful beauty. And that beauty comes at a price, with the overall cost of living at 3% above the national average, and housing prices even higher. The median price for apartments for rent is $600 per month, with the average monthly rent for 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartments at $715 per month.

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