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Overview of Austin

When people hear the term studio apartment, words like small and cramped come to mind, but with a little ingenuity, you can turn this negative idea into a beautiful space to live in. Renting can be difficult in the current economic climate and prices in most cities are on the rise, so downsizing to live in a studio apartment in Austin can be a good thing. If you are thinking of trying a studio apartment, consider some of the following benefits.

Benefits of Living in a Studio Apartment in Austin

The cost of living in a studio apartment is usually significantly less than other rental properties. Not only is rent less, but any additional costs will also be decreased compared to what you would pay to live in a larger space. Also, you can downsize and get rid of any excess stuff you no longer need. Selling excess furniture, etc. can earn you a little extra cash.

Choosing a smaller studio apartment with a lower rent may mean that you can live in a neighborhood that you couldn't previously afford. This means you can live closer to work or to the nightlife of downtown, instead of having to travel to these places. Also, you can save money on travel, as you'll need less money for gas, taxis and public transport because you'll be able to cycle or walk where you need to go.

Making Studio Apartments Your Home

Not only can you live in a better area of the city, studio apartments are often pretty unique spaces. Yes, you are basically living in one room, but that doesn't mean it's just a regular old room. Studio apartments can be found in all kinds of buildings, on all different floors, so with a little perseverance, you can find a truly unique space that matches your personality. Organizing and decorating can turn your studio apartment into your own private oasis right in the hub of the action.