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Overview of Houston

When it comes to the question "what is a townhouse," there are many different answers. In most cases, a townhouse is a house that has several stories and is attached to more than one other house on one or more sides. Townhouses are also referred to as townhomes and row houses, but all three terms apply to the same type of dwelling situation.

Considering a Townhouse in Houston, TX

In the past, when it came to renting in Houston, most people considered apartments or houses. Today, there are a lot more options available to suit all different budget levels and property tastes. One alternative to renting an apartment or a single family detached home is to look at a townhouse rental in Houston. There are several advantages to considering this type of rental for you and your family.

Advantages of Townhouse Living

One of the top reasons for considering a townhouse rental in Houston is the fact that you get more living space for your dollar. While rent is usually higher than an apartment, the layout of a townhouse means that you are getting significantly more square footage. When compared to detached homes, the fact that the rent is cheaper means that you can usually afford more square footage in a townhouse (or a larger townhouse) then you could if you were looking at a single family dwelling.

A townhouse rental in Houston is part of the community, but also provides an additional level of privacy not found in apartment complexes. Each townhouse has its own separate entrance and a small piece of land for the tenants use. This provides the benefit of having your own yard for entertaining or for children to play in, but taking a lot less maintenance than the yards that come with detached homes. Because your neighbors are so close, you benefit from additional security similar to within an apartment building that does not always come with a detached home.